Is 11 good? In fact, human beings have long held the “key” without knowing it!

How can humans enter the 11 dimensions? There are ways, but most people ignore it!

In the eyes of human beings, ants are small and insignificant. They can be trampled to death with one foot at random. In the eyes of ants, human beings are different. Because they are not creatures of the same dimension, ants live in two-dimensional space, and humans live in three-dimensional space. So in our daily life, most of the objects we come into contact with are three-dimensional, which is the most intuitive understanding of human dimension.

In fact, the world is much more complex than what we imagined. It is not only a three-dimensional world, but also a multi-dimensional one. It is just that human beings are constrained by tradition and simply think that the world is three-dimensional. Scientists have summed up the dimensional space of the universe. The universe has about 21 dimensions. This dimension refers to the number of independent space-time coordinates. One dimension is a point, and there is no such thing Length: two dimensional is a surface composed of countless lines, three dimensional is a solid. Step by step, and so on, 21 dimensional spaces are available. How can humans enter the 11 dimensions? There are ways, but most people ignore it!

The difference between creatures in different dimensional space

Human beings have lived in three-dimensional space for a long time and know nothing about other dimensional space. Four dimensional and five dimensional space are the goal and direction of human exploration. Generally speaking, the higher dimension space can find the shadow in the lower dimension, which is the main reason why scientists believe that the higher dimension exists. Human beings have a persistent pursuit of searching for aliens. The reason why they have not been found is that scientists believe that alien life may exist in high-dimensional space. Even if they appear in front of human beings, they may not have intersection with human beings, because human beings cannot see them intuitively.

Octopus is the only four-dimensional creature at present. Its eyes are more advanced than human beings. Although ants and octopus are in the same world as human beings, what they see is totally different. Take dimension 11 as an example. So far, no one knows the structure of dimension 11. However, some scientists believe that dimension 11 is real. Human beings have been there for a long time. Everyone has the ability to think about problems. In his mind, he can reconstruct the structure, which can be reversed or connected inside and outside.

How can 11 dimensions be touched?

Take the Klein bottle for example. Although its structure is extremely complex, human beings can imagine what its internal structure is, and complete the structure in their mind, because human brain contains infinite knowledge and thoughts, even the 11 dimensions, which human beings can never touch. Human beings can construct through rich imagination, all of which have rules to follow.

High dimensional space is a long and complex process. Scientists are trying their best to figure out how to enter the 11 dimensional space. Maybe human beings already have the key to enter the 11 dimensional space, but they just don’t know. Maybe human science and technology will become more mature and have more development space. All the mysteries of dimensional space can be revealed one by one. At present, there are too many unknowns. Human beings can only rely on the only knowledge production to explore. What is the 11 dimensional space in your eyes? You can leave a message for interaction.

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