Is 2020 the hottest year? Lanina keeps pushing. Why are we freezing into dogs?

2020 has entered the countdown, this year we have gone through too much, all countries are facing the changeable temperature situation. Although most regions have entered winter, according to the latest data of the World Meteorological Organization, 2020 is likely to become one of the warmest years on record. The last warmest year was in 2015.

Is 2020 the hottest year?

This 2020 climate report not only summarizes the temperature situation this year, but also clearly shows the situation of natural disasters and wildfires. Millions of people are forced to migrate because of natural disasters, which has affected the stability of the global economy. According to the data of scientists, the earth’s average temperature this year has been 1.2 degrees higher than that before mankind entered the industrial society. By 2024, the global average temperature will have a high probability of being 1.5 degrees higher. Although this year is also the fifth anniversary of the signing of the Paris climate change agreement, at present, human behavior and activities have not been on the right track, and it will take a longer time to realize it.

Generally speaking, if a year becomes the hottest year, it must mean that a strong El Nino occurred in that year. However, even if El Nino occurs this year, the intensity will gradually decrease. Therefore, 2020 is unlikely to become the hottest year. In addition, the generation of La Nina in the second half of the year also plays a crucial role in global cooling. Although La Nina’s cooling is not very obvious, it also lowers the situation of high global temperature to some extent. Scientists believe that although the current environmental situation has a certain relationship with La Nina, compared with the high temperature in 2016, this year without La Nina, the temperature will be higher.

Global temperature situation

Therefore, many people think that 2020 is the critical point of climate. In 2020, when the temperature continues to rise, the earth’s climate is facing a severe situation. Since the beginning of this year, a mountain fire in Australia has spread rapidly to Australia. Although this spring, because of a strong rainstorm and stop, but the United States fire has followed. Scientists believe that the frequent occurrence of these forest fires has a lot to do with the rising global temperature. The global temperature is still rising, which also increases the possibility of forest wildfires.

In fact, when we look at the whole world, many countries are closed due to the impact of the epidemic, but the global warming situation is still not falling, and the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air is still rising. Therefore, in the future, the pursuit of change is still a global trend.

In fact, there are also some people who have such doubts. It’s winter now, and snowflakes have been floating in many areas. Maybe they will be wrapped in quilts for the winter. Why is this the warmest year? In fact, what we call the judgment standard of the warmest year in the world is that the global average temperature and the temperature we actually feel are of course different and do not conflict. I don’t know what you think?

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