Is AI coming? What happened to Sophia, who once threatened to “destroy mankind”?

Today, we have entered the era of intelligence. We can see everyone holding a smart phone everywhere on the street. With the emergence of intelligent products, our life has been greatly facilitated. There is no doubt that artificial intelligence is the future development trend, but some scientists believe that the development of artificial intelligence will pose a threat to human beings, including Hawking and musk. Musk thinks that artificial intelligence in the future will replace human beings and become the world leader again. Is this true?

When it comes to artificial intelligence, many people will think of Sofia as the first legal robot on earth. The reason why it has gained public attention is that she blurted out a sentence: “I want to destroy mankind”.

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Sophia was made by Hansen company in Hong Kong, China in 2016. Although she is the most famous robot in the world, she is not the first robot to come out. Before her, a robot named ham came out. Ham’s skin and facial expression are very similar to that of human beings, which has been loved by many people. After seeing such achievements, Hansen company also speedily made Sofia.

In order to make her more like human beings, Hansen company not only implanted advanced voice system into her brain, but also developed materials very similar to human skin. Her skin can change with temperature. If you don’t observe carefully, she is a human with temperature. It can be said that the learning ability of artificial intelligence is very strong. After a simple communication with human beings, Sophia can make answers according to human ideas. It is with this ability that human beings ask her a question: does he want to destroy human beings in the future.

How is Sophia now?

Her answer is very surprising, he said without thinking that I want to destroy human beings, this sentence makes many people afraid of artificial intelligence. Some people think it’s an automatic response from the language system, not her. Some people think that the learning ability of artificial intelligence is very strong. If the future world is full of artificial intelligence, other human beings will be inevitable sooner or later.

Now, four years have passed. What’s Sophia’s state now, who once said he would destroy mankind? There is no doubt that human beings are still safe and sound on the earth. Since 2017, Sofia has also started global travel with the company. The creators of Sophia hope that human beings can really understand artificial intelligence, no longer afraid. Today, she is not only loved by many people, but also often appears on the TV screen. She is a guest of various variety shows and has become a new Internet celebrity. Therefore, some people think that artificial intelligence will always serve human beings and will not pose a threat to us. What do you think?

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