Is alien civilization one million years ahead of the earth? Why don’t they come to earth? Hawking gave the answer

There are all kinds of celestial bodies in the vast universe. Every celestial body is very complicated, and the environment of the earth is also very complicated. As a member of the solar system, the earth is 4.6 billion years old. The earth is no longer a young planet, but it is still very small in the solar system.

The earth is also the only living planet in the solar system. Because of its relatively stable environment, it is also more suitable for the survival of life. Scientists are also curious about the outer Pacific, and continue to explore the outer Pacific.

Scientists believe that there may be other living planets in our outer Pacific Ocean, but according to the current discoveries, no other living planets or alien civilizations have been found.

However, this does not mean that alien civilization does not exist. Scientists have speculated on alien civilization for a long time, and even scientists have divided the level of alien civilization.

According to Kardashev’s hierarchy, cosmic civilization is divided into three levels. The higher the level, the higher the civilization, and human civilization is not even a level.

The scientist Fermi once asked a question. If the alien civilization is one million years ahead of the earth, then they should have arrived on the earth long ago, but they have not been here all the time, which indicates that the aliens have arrived on the earth or there is no alien civilization, but Hawking does not agree with this statement.

Hawking once believed that if the aliens knew the existence of the earth, the earth would be very dangerous, because the alien civilization was more advanced than the earth civilization, and it was likely to pose a threat to the earth civilization.

Aliens have not yet arrived on earth. It is very likely that aliens do not know the existence of earth civilization and may want to arrive on earth, but it still takes some time to solve the problem.

Hawking long ago warned humans not to take the initiative to look for aliens, because aliens may pose a huge threat to humans, they are more advanced, so humans are likely to become their puppets.

However, some people think that alien civilization and human beings do not know each other’s existence, so alien civilization did not come to earth. What do you think of it? Welcome to leave a message in the comments area.

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