Is alien civilization one million years more advanced than earth civilization? Why not live on earth? Is it too expensive?

Because of the big bang, the vast universe has existed for 13.8 billion years, while the earth is only 4.6 billion years old, and the existence of human beings on the earth is only two or three million years. Therefore, human beings have always believed that human beings are not the only intelligent civilization.

Human beings have explored the existence of extraterrestrial intelligent life more than once, and have invested a lot of financial and material resources.

Scientists believe that in addition to the earth, there must be advanced intelligent creatures and their supporting advanced civilization. So why have we been looking for so long, and still can’t find any conclusive evidence of aliens?

Although Hawking, the great physicist, has always been conservative about aliens, he even warned people not to easily establish contact with aliens.

In Hawking’s view, the current level of human science and technology can not take the initiative to find aliens, and in case of encounter, it may be very dangerous.

But can we assume that if the scientific and technological level of alien civilization is one million years higher than that of earth civilization, why don’t they come to live on earth?

If you think about it carefully, you will find that it took only a few hundred years for human beings to develop science and technology. It can be seen that for potential creatures, the ability only needs time to show.

At present, the level of human civilization in the universe is 0.7. If we give people another one million years to develop, it is very possible to reach the level of three civilizations in the universe.

If the fifth mass extinction did not occur on the earth, dinosaurs would still exist. Even if dinosaurs were given a million years to develop, they would not be able to become intelligent creatures.

So some people speculate that aliens are one million years more advanced than human civilization, but the reason why they don’t come to live on earth is because the universe is too big.

At current levels, the diameter of the universe is 156 billion light-years or more. So the aliens do not know the existence of the earth, do not know that there are human beings in the universe.

Some people speculate that it is too difficult to build a spaceship that can travel freely in space, and the manufacturing cost is very high.

Take our earth as an example. If we want to build an ordinary spaceship to fly in the universe, it will cost at least 40 billion US dollars. The cost is too expensive!

This is only in the initial stage of construction. If the construction is completed, it is necessary to reserve talents. In addition, the cost will be higher.

Therefore, if aliens want to come to earth, they need to spend such a high cost to build spaceships, and if they come to earth and are destroyed by the earth as a threat, they will cry without tears.

Moreover, human beings themselves are intelligent creatures. There are extremely complex relationships between human beings and between human beings and the earth. If aliens do not understand the relationship between the earth, it is impossible for them to venture in.

Some people think that the alien civilization may despise the earth civilization. They have investigated the earth, but finally found that there is nothing worthy of their visit.

Xiaobian thinks that in fact, we don’t need to worry too much about why we don’t come to live on earth because the alien civilization is one million years more advanced than the earth civilization.

Even if they exist, even if they are more advanced than us, there is nothing we can do with our current level of science and technology. We can’t explore alien civilization yet. Maybe when the level is improved, we don’t know who will go to whose territory!

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