Is Anna doll real? Annabel incident

If the time of any event is too long, the description of the parties is easy to be spread out, thus covering up the truth of the matter. There are many supernatural phenomena in the world that can’t be explained, and so is Anna doll.

Anna dolls are currently placed in the Warren encounter Museum. The famous Annabel dolls are one of the important collections, which are placed together with other supernatural objects.

The incident began in 1970 when Donna, a nurse, owned an Annabel doll. When she moves into a brand new apartment with her baby and her family, she often finds that Anna moves on her own.

At first, I thought that I just thought I had moved the doll’s position, but it was ignored. Later, I found that the doll’s legs were soft and often knelt on the chair beside the door. It looked very strange.

According to people familiar with the matter at the time, there was once a little girl named Anna Su who died in Donna’s new apartment and her soul was boarded on Anna doll. She just wants to play with you and be noticed by you. She doesn’t hurt people intentionally.

But the doll moved more and more frequently and accidentally hurt Donna’s leg, eventually sending her to the psychic Museum. In the museum, she will often float and move, and then be placed in a closed cabinet, calm as before.

There are too many unsolved mysteries in the world. Due to the long history and wide spread, it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false. There is a moving story behind every supernatural event, which makes later generations more curious about the truth of the event.

In fact, the truth is not necessarily the most real, but the experience of the parties is really unimaginable. So far, maybe many people will think of Anna unnaturally when they see the doll with white skirt, big eyes and golden hair.

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