Is artificial intelligence a surprise or a puzzle? Listen to the explanation of scientists

With the rapid development of human science and technology, artificial intelligence has become a major development direction in the future, and human beings have entered the era of artificial intelligence. As for AI, we have an impression of the man-machine go war a few years ago. The world’s go masters fought against AI and ended in failure.

Compared with human beings, artificial intelligence has many advantages. Its computing ability is far beyond human beings. Computing ability is only the ability of primary artificial intelligence. With the continuous update of artificial intelligence, real artificial intelligence has no own thinking and emotion, and other aspects are the same as human beings, or even better than human beings. For this reason, many people are worried about the security of artificial intelligence, and some scientists do not know whether artificial intelligence brings surprise or confusion to human beings?

From October 10 to 11, the first “international intelligence and learning Summit Forum” sponsored by the information and Electronic Engineering Department of Chinese Academy of engineering and undertaken by China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd. was held in Beijing. Many international experts discussed the hot spots and pain points of artificial intelligence development.

Wu Manqing, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and deputy general manager of China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd., said in his opening speech, “accelerating the development of artificial intelligence technology has become the consensus of all countries, and China also actively embraces this new development trend. The development of artificial intelligence technology has a profound impact on the modern world and human society. It has become a hot spot of innovation, the direction of scientific and technological progress and the driving force of innovation. “

Eric Grimson, former president of MIT, believes that with the evolution of artificial intelligence system, it will replace many jobs, and many fields and jobs will change. “The theme of artificial intelligence covers a wide range, but it is very important to consider its intervention in society, which deserves the attention of governments and the whole society.”

Zhai Chengxiang, a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, repeatedly emphasized the safety of artificial intelligence, saying that it is an important factor for machine learning researchers to consider. “Most of the intelligence comes from data. When the data is toxic and polluted, the machine will do something bad,” he said He believes that “auxiliary” is the basic paradigm of AI research and development.

Through the understanding and views of these experts and scholars on artificial intelligence, we can see that the development of artificial intelligence is a must on the road of human science and technology development, but at the same time, we should regard artificial intelligence as an assistant to assist human progress, instead of taking artificial intelligence as the leading, and let it do everything.

Some time ago, China’s first generation of artificial intelligence beauty robot appeared, attracting the attention of the whole world. A large part of the future application of artificial intelligence will be used in robots. With the robot of artificial intelligence, the ability to deal with various problems will be more powerful. Some dangerous work can be done by intelligent robots, and some mining work can be handed in For the intelligent robot.

And intelligent robots will continue to enter the family life of ordinary people. Many modern people have no time to do housework, take care of children, cook and so on because of busy work. In the future, these housework can be done by intelligent family robots. Laundry, cooking, cleaning, taking care of children, etc.

Some companies’ receptionists and waiters can be done by intelligent beauty robots. In the future, some security and other jobs can also be replaced by intelligent robots. Maybe many people have said that artificial intelligence will do all the work in the future society. What do humans do? Will artificial intelligence become the dominant and eventually be replaced by artificial intelligence?

This problem is what worries some scientists and scholars most. If artificial intelligence becomes more and more intelligent, or even evolves into thinking, it may have the idea of replacing human beings. Therefore, in the treatment of artificial intelligence, scientists also mentioned that artificial intelligence can only be used as the assistance of human beings, but can not let artificial intelligence dominate all work, and some important posts can only be held by human beings.

Artificial intelligence is just a part-time worker and can’t enter the top level. For example, in some scientific research institutions, artificial intelligence can assist in computing, but it can’t hold a high-level position and directly participate in research and development. In a company, AI can be a cashier, a waiter, etc., but not a leader.

At the same time, in the development of artificial intelligence core program, also want to add some program rules, especially can’t hurt human this is the most important. Artificial intelligence will bring great help to the progress of human civilization, accelerate the development of human science and technology, and make human enter the interstellar civilization faster to explore the mysteries of the universe. But artificial intelligence is also dangerous, once the laissez faire development, may lead to a series of unpredictable risks, so for artificial intelligence, there should be conditional restrictions.

Human society is constantly moving forward. The future society is the era of artificial intelligence. Everything we live in may be related to artificial intelligence. Even the mobile phone that we can’t do without every day will enter the era of intelligent mobile phone. Let’s welcome the era of artificial intelligence with full enthusiasm.

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