Is black hole a promising energy source in the future? It can propel the spacecraft to an unimaginable speed

In this paper, I participated in the series of solicitations of the great astronomy and Astronautics of Recordunkown science

Human beings are the only intelligent life on earth. Since the birth of human beings millions of years ago, the earth, an ordinary life planet, has been upgraded to an intelligent life planet. After the appearance of words 6000 years ago, human beings have officially entered the stage of civilization, and the earth has been upgraded to a civilized planet again.

It takes only a few million years for human beings to be born with wisdom, which is a very inconceivable thing in the life circle. You should know that the dinosaur overlord 65 million years ago lived on the earth for 160 million years without being born with life. There are still some ancient lives that have lasted from hundreds of millions of years to the present, and they still have not been born with wisdom. This shows how difficult it is for life to evolve into intelligent life.

If it is inconceivable that the time taken for the birth of human wisdom, then the development speed of human civilization is even more amazing. Especially 300 years ago, after entering the road of scientific and technological development, relying on the power of science and technology, the development speed of human civilization is as fast as taking a rocket. It not only realizes the dream of flying to the sky, goes out of the earth and begins to explore the universe, but also changes with each passing day New technology also makes people’s life more and more beautiful.

Why can human science and technology develop so fast? In addition to the efforts of those great scientists, it is more important to have rich resources and energy support. If there is no rich resources and energy as the backing, many scientific theories can not be successfully realized, and human civilization can not show a leap forward development.

However, the earth’s resources are always limited, especially the energy that human beings use now is basically formed by the earth’s long geological activities over billions of years, such as coal, oil, natural gas and so on. They all use a little less. It may not be long before these traditional resources are almost consumed, and human beings will face the risk of resource depletion.

Therefore, the exploration and discovery of new energy is an important premise to maintain the rapid development of human science and technology, and with the rapid development of human science and technology, the traditional energy has obviously been unable to meet the progress and development of human science and technology. Human need to explore for more powerful energy to make a qualitative leap in science and technology. Human rely on traditional chemical energy to achieve rocket boost to send satellites and probes into space.

However, this kind of energy mode has been unable to meet the needs of human space exploration and development. The future development of human civilization is in space. If we want to truly realize space interstellar exploration, the most important thing is to find a more powerful energy. The nuclear fusion technology and antimatter technology researched by scientists are all powerful energy that can make human civilization achieve a qualitative leap.

However, in the future of human interstellar exploration, nuclear fusion energy and antimatter energy are still not powerful enough. Some scientists think of dark matter, black holes and other powerful energy sources in the universe. For dark matter as a powerful energy in the future, many people can understand, but black hole energy makes many people do not understand. Can black holes still be used as energy?

In fact, the theory of black hole energy first appeared in a science fiction, which is a very famous science fiction “Empire Earth” in 1975. In this science fiction, the theory of black hole energy was first put forward. Later, in 2009, scientist crane also put forward the topic related to black hole energy. Crane and his colleagues explored the possibility of using Hawking radiation of artificial black hole Sex.

I believe that we are not unfamiliar with black holes. It was first thought by Einstein’s theory of relativity. Later, scientists confirmed the existence of black holes by observing the universe. Moreover, this year’s first picture of black holes was released to the world. Since then, there has been no doubt that there are black holes in the universe. Although a black hole is also a celestial body, it does not have a solid structure like stars or planets. A black hole is a celestial body without a solid structure.

If we insist on the physical structure of a black hole, it may be that the mass in its center is so large and the volume is so small that it can ignore its volume. And it is the singularity with infinite mass that makes the black hole produce space distortion, which makes it have extremely strong gravity and phagocytic characteristics.

Black holes can be said to eat everything, from stars to photons, as long as they enter its horizon, they will be swallowed by them. Black hole can be said to be the overlord of the universe. Although it is a celestial body, it is also a huge energy source. Scientists once imagined using the catapult effect of black holes to make spacecraft achieve the speed close to the speed of light, so as to realize interstellar flight.

We are going to talk about the energy of black holes. In fact, we are using small man-made black holes to push the spacecraft forward rapidly. This speed is beyond our imagination. The slowest speed can also reach the speed of sublight, and it is possible to achieve the speed of light or even superlight. Of course, the theory of black hole energy is too advanced for human science and technology, which is far beyond our current development level. It may not be possible in the next tens of thousands of years.

Although the use of black hole energy, man-made black holes for human beings is too far away, but it does not extinguish the enthusiasm of scientists to explore, and scientists do not want to study what man-made black holes, which is not realistic for us to come. What scientists need to do now is to use the black hole energy theory to find and explore the possible interstellar civilization.

I believe that many friends have never doubted the possibility of the existence of alien civilization. As scientists walking in the forefront of human beings, they firmly believe in the existence of alien civilization, and they also believe that there may already be a strong civilization in the universe that can carry out cross star navigation. If there are such advanced civilizations, their way of energy must be very advanced. It is possible to use this kind of artificial black hole energy.

Scientists speculate that interstellar civilization may use the radiation energy from man-made black holes to propel spacecraft forward at a high speed. If this is the case, we may be able to use the gamma ray telescope to detect and find evidence of spacecraft driven by tiny man-made black holes. So how do scientists know that gamma ray lasers can detect tiny man-made black holes? It’s thanks to a little thing called “spillover.”.

If some advanced civilizations have such a starship, the small black hole behind the spaceship will overflow some gamma rays while the spaceship is moving forward. Such energy may be detected by our gamma ray telescope in the range of 100 to 1000 light years.

Scientists believe that if the alien civilization has mastered the technology of making small black holes, it can inject material into the black holes, and then the black holes release powerful energy to push the Starship forward rapidly, which can at least reach the speed of light. Of course, in the face of the vast universe, the speed of light is too slow.

Therefore, scientists speculate that the real interstellar civilization may have mastered the technology of space hopping and even wormhole shuttling. There is no doubt about the existence of dark matter. Although scientists have not yet explored and collected any dark matter, there are various signs in the universe that dark matter and dark energy are the main matter in the universe, and they account for most of the matter in the universe.

If dark matter and dark energy are abundant, there may be a dark universe behind our visible universe. And the speed of space in this dark universe is very fast, far faster than the speed of light. Therefore, if the spacecraft can enter the dark space, it is possible to travel all over the universe. But if you want to enter the possible Dark Universe, the speed of the spaceship may first have to be able to fly close to the speed of light.

When the speed of the spaceship is getting faster and faster, infinitely close to the speed of light, the surrounding space will be very distorted. At this time, the front of the spaceship will generate super energy, which can break through the barriers between the visible universe and the dark universe, so as to enter the Dark Universe and realize interstellar shuttle. This seems to be very similar to wormhole shuttle. It is possible that the so-called wormhole shuttle may be to enter the Dark Universe Sailing into the dark.

Of course, the above is only conjecture at present. It is still unknown whether there are these unimaginable energy sources and technologies for us. If scientists can use the gamma ray telescope to observe the mysterious overflow phenomenon, they can confirm that there are alien civilizations in the universe using artificial black holes as energy for interstellar navigation. At that time, the black hole energy theory will become a real existence, and the next step is to see how human beings study and explore.

However, scientists say that the energy required to create a man-made black hole is beyond imagination, and it does not mean that enough energy can create a black hole. There are many other conditions to meet. It can be seen that the artificial black hole technology is a huge technological challenge. If human beings really appear, it may not be far away from revealing the ultimate mystery of the universe.

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