Is carbon dioxide really the culprit of global warming? The explanation of scientists makes people suddenly realize

Today, I saw the weather forecast of Shanxi in the next few days, and found that the highest temperature in some areas in the next few days can reach 37 degrees Celsius. I was shocked to see this temperature. It seems that the temperature this year will reach a new high compared with last year. Shanxi is still in the north, and the north is so hot. It is conceivable that some areas in the South will be so hot.

Some time ago, I saw a scientific report, saying that by observing the activities of sunspots, scientists believe that the earth has actually entered a new round of little ice age in 2012. According to the law of science, every century or so, the earth will experience a little ice age, lasting for about decades. If the earth has entered the little ice age in 2012, shouldn’t the temperature drop slowly? Why is the global temperature still rising year by year?

Since human civilization entered the industrial revolution, the development of science and technology is changing with each passing day. At the same time, the emission of a large number of exhaust gas and the destruction of the environment also make the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere higher and higher. The greenhouse effect brought by carbon dioxide makes the global temperature rising continuously. People always think that carbon dioxide is the real culprit of global warming.

The harm brought by global warming is obvious. First of all, it brings inconvenience to people’s life. The normal temperature of human body is 37 degrees. Once the temperature of the surrounding environment exceeds 37 degrees, we will feel very hot and our body will not adapt to it. If the temperature exceeds 40 degrees, it is very difficult for us to work safely in such a high temperature environment, and it is very easy for us to cause diseases.

Global warming will also lead to the melting of ice and snow in the north and south poles, the sharp rise of sea level, a large number of land will be drowned, and a large number of organisms may be extinct. At the same time, global warming will also revive the ancient viruses under the frozen layer and the viruses that have disappeared. It can be seen that global warming is definitely a bad thing for the earth, but as I said just now, scientists say that the earth has entered the little ice age since 2012. It is reasonable to say that the temperature of the earth should be slowly decreasing. Why is the temperature still rising now? Is carbon dioxide not the real culprit of global warming?

At the Copenhagen International Climate Conference, some scientists put forward different views on the real culprit of the greenhouse effect. These scientists believe that carbon dioxide may not be the real culprit of global warming, but other natural phenomena. Scholars from Australia believe that the melting of the Arctic and Antarctic glaciers does not start from the top, but from the bottom. We know that the interior of the earth is a high temperature area, and the heat from the interior of the earth makes the bottom of the glacier gradually melt, which has little to do with carbon dioxide. Other scientists agree.

The heat inside the earth is called geothermal energy. The reason why it is called geothermal energy is that the core of the earth is a huge heat reservoir. The material inside the earth is basically lava. The high-temperature magma erupted by volcanoes is the liquid magma inside the earth. Its temperature can reach about 1300 degrees, and in the deeper core, the temperature of lava can reach about 5000 degrees. It can be said that the earth’s interior is a big furnace. And the heat of this furnace is also constantly radiating to the surface.

Geothermal energy has always been a new type of energy that scientists want to use. If human beings can effectively use geothermal energy for power generation, heating and so on, human beings will not have to worry about energy at all. Unfortunately, the utilization and development of geothermal energy is far from being achieved. According to preliminary estimation, the potential geothermal energy in the earth’s interior is equivalent to 49.3 billion tons of coal consumed by human beings every year. It can be seen that carbon dioxide is not the sole cause of global warming.

However, people don’t have to worry too much. Scientists are not saying that the earth has entered the little ice age. Now, the emission of geothermal energy and the greenhouse effect caused by carbon dioxide are still leading to global warming, but this process will gradually weaken. With the continuous reduction of sunspot activity, the cooling caused by the little ice age will also accelerate, which may not be used in the future How long will it take for us to feel the climate temperature slowly drop, and we won’t feel such a hot summer now. In this way, we should not only thank the greenhouse effect, but also the little ice age.

If there is no greenhouse effect, the global temperature has risen a lot in the past few decades. Once the little ice age comes and the earth’s temperature continues to drop, then we will be frozen, and we may not be able to freeze at that time. Now the greenhouse effect is in opposition to the little ice age. After the little ice age, the temperature of the earth may have returned to 50 years ago, which is a natural adjustment for the earth.

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