Is Chiyou mount a giant panda? Cute national treasure was called “iron eating beast” in ancient times

In ancient times, Chiyou was the God of war in ancient Chinese legend. Although he was defeated by the Yellow Emperor in different versions of the legend, Chiyou did experience a very spectacular and tragic battle, and Chiyou’s Mount “iron eater” turned out to be giant panda. Compared with the dragon, the mount of Emperor Yan and Emperor Huang, the panda seems to have been slightly downgraded. But in fact, we don’t know that the giant panda, which looks stupid, is actually a very fierce beast in the ancient books, and is listed as the third ancient god beast. Can’t you imagine? Do you dare to belittle the cute giant panda in such a high position?

In fact, giant pandas have lived on the earth for more than 8 million years. They used to eat meat, but after years of evolution, they now eat bamboo as their staple food. However, their claws are still as sharp as knives, and their teeth and digestive tract are still in the same state as when they were eating meat. Therefore, pandas are still classified as carnivores. Most of the giant pandas we can see now are domesticated in zoos. As we all know, the number of giant pandas is very rare, which is a national key protected animal. As a “national treasure”, people pay great attention to them. The giant pandas we see now basically do not need to worry about foraging, so they all look carefree and naive. What do giant pandas look like when they live in the wild? Although they are still cute and stupid in appearance, they are similar to black bears in fact. Their defense and attack power in the wild is also very strong. If they really feel the unknown danger, they are still extremely fierce. So we must not be fooled by their lovely appearance. Even if the giant pandas in the Zoo get angry, they will attack the keepers I’m a student.

In ancient times, people called the giant panda “iron eater”. It can be seen that as an ancient beast, it should still have certain power. However, some people think that it’s not because giant pandas can eat hard materials such as copper and iron, but when giant pandas can’t get enough salt in their foraging, they will run into villagers’ homes to lick the iron pot, because some salt in cooking will be left on the iron pot, and in the process of licking, the iron pot will be destroyed and will not be eaten The villagers who knew about it saw that the giant panda ate iron. Therefore, it is recorded in historical materials that “nature eats copper and iron”.

No matter how their habits have changed, the history of giant panda is still brilliant. After all, human society has entered the era of civilization. People are still very happy that giant panda has become such a popular look today, and it deserves to be our national treasure!

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