Is “cockroach milk” nutritious? Why is it considered “super food” by Indian scientists?

As we all know, milk is the representative of “nutritious food”. It is a complete protein food and plays an important role in the formation and development of brain and nerve. The cholesterol content in milk fat is lower than that in meat and eggs, which has the effect of reducing cholesterol in the body. Moreover, in children and adolescents, drinking more milk can strengthen the body.

However, in recent years, with the emergence of all kinds of dairy products, experts have more and more in-depth research on these. They have analyzed the nutritional content of all kinds of dairy products, including goat milk, sterilized milk, water milk and so on, and even “cockroach milk”.

Do you feel shocked when you see the three words “cockroach milk”? It sounds disgusting and curious. What is it? So subversive! We are very disgusted with cockroaches, also known as “Xiaoqiang”. Its appearance just means that the environment is messy.

So what is “cockroach milk”? They are not mammals. Where does milk come from?

Cockroach milk is actually a protein crystal secreted by cockroaches. Researchers in the United States, Japan, France and India spent ten years studying it and found that female Pacific beetle cockroaches secrete this protein crystal to feed their larvae. Cockroach milk contains protein (and various essential amino acids), fat and sugar. In addition, the structure of protein crystal is quite stable, which is very suitable for making protein supplements in theory.

It is understood that this strange research was initiated by India. Their researchers found that a cockroach named Pacific cockroach is not an ordinary cockroach. Its “milk” has four times the nutrition of milk and contains a unique protein.

Moreover, there are many amino acids only found in meat. The ingredients are so complex that they are beyond our imagination. They are expected to provide the best raw materials for super food. I can’t help but think of the popular science fiction movie “train in the snow”. They are made from cockroaches to make protein strips, which can be used as food energy supplement for low-level human beings.

Xiaobian thinks that although this kind of “cockroach milk” has not been popularized, and even if it is popularized, it will take some time for people to accept it. However, “cockroach milk” has a relatively high demand for cockroaches, and its output is relatively low. Therefore, some people think that it may be made into health care products.

Everything has two sides, “cockroach milk” is no exception, because of its high nutritional content, contains a lot of fat, so for people who want to lose weight or suffer from hypertension and other diseases, this is very unfriendly.

“Cockroach milk” extraction is much more cruel than milk, because scientists have found that to extract more protein crystals, it is necessary to break the stomach of Pacific cockroach, which also means that once extracted, they will die. If extracted from 1000 Pacific cockroaches, only 100 grams of “cockroach milk” can be extracted.

Therefore, at present, the most reasonable way is to use advanced genetic technology to study this problem. In the future, this kind of superpower food can be produced in large quantities. Whether the market prospect of “cockroach milk” is broad or not depends on people’s acceptance.

Guys, can you accept “cockroach milk”? Welcome to comment area.

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