Is Dalian’s Snake Island the fourth largest in the world? The world’s strongest Snake Island, every step at least meet a snake

For snakes, many people will stay away from them. After all, it’s a very spiritual creature, and it’s also a very terrible creature. In particular, the Snake Island all over the world is even more daunting. The most famous snake islands in China mainly include Dalian Snake Island, Thousand Island Lake Snake Island, Fairy Lake Snake Island and so on. In foreign countries, there are also famous Brazil Snake Island, blue Snake Island and so on. Each Snake Island is similar, with a variety of snakes. However, it is worth mentioning that Dalian Snake Island ranks fourth in the world, not the strongest in the world.

The picture shows the Snake Island in Dalian

Dalian Snake Island ranks the fourth in the world with single species

Dalian Snake Island is located in the Bohai Sea about 10 kilometers away from Lushunkou District. It is about 1.5 kilometers long and 800 meters wide, with a total area of about 1.2 square kilometers. The biggest difference between Dalian Snake Island and other small islands is that it is surrounded by the sea, only the southeast corner can land on the island. The whole Snake Island has dense vegetation, jagged rocks, and nearly 20000 black browed vipers. It can be called the “Kingdom of vipers”, which makes Dalian Snake Island the only island in the world where only a single Viper exists.

The picture shows the Viper on the island

Compared with other snakes, Agkistrodon halys is the most toxic, mainly eating small birds and animals. However, because there are no small birds and animals to prey on in Shedao, the habits of Agkistrodon halys in Shedao are completely different from those of other snakes: they can only feed on migratory birds migrating in spring and autumn. From April to June and from September to January every year, these two migratory seasons become the two periods of concentrated feeding for Agkistrodon halys in Shedao. They pour out their nests, cover the mountains and the fields, and wait for the “birds”. In winter and summer, Agkistrodon halys will enter a dormant state.

However, it is such a Snake Island, but failed to publish the top, only ranked fourth in the world. Although Dalian Snake Island is also a hell on earth, the species of venomous snakes in the island can not be far ahead in the world, but a single species of viper is in the forefront. More than 20000 vipers have become the ruler of the island by virtue of their absolute advantage. The high population density is a wonder in China! This also makes it a “landmark biological card” of Liaoning Province.

The strongest Snake Island in the world

1. Snake Island in Brazil has the highest mortality rate

Snake Island is everywhere in the world. If you ask which Snake Island is the strongest and ranks first in the world, I’m afraid it’s Brazil. Located on the east coast of Brazil, the Snake Island of Brazil is an island with an area of about 430 square meters. The whole island is densely vegetated and has the highest mortality rate. It is also the island with the most venomous snakes. At present, there are more than 4000 species of venomous snakes alone, and each venomous snake can be fatal. There is a poisonous snake in an average square meter of land. In other words, every step you take, you will meet at least one snake. It’s not too much to use the word “difficult to move”. The Brazilian Snake Island of “hell on earth” provides an excellent hiding place for a large number of poisonous snakes. It is almost impossible for human beings to stop on this island, even there is no place to stay. Therefore, the Brazilian Snake Island is also known as one of the most dangerous areas in the world.

In the 1980s, the Brazilian Snake Island has been established as a nature reserve by the Brazilian federal government. No one can land on the island without permission. In Brazil, there is a popular saying that there were 11 farmers who went to the Snake Island for business opportunities and didn’t listen to people’s dissuasion. As a result, just after arriving on the island, the 11 farmers were completely destroyed in a few hours. They were all attacked and bitten by poisonous snakes on the Island and died of poisoning.

The picture shows the Snake Island of Brazil and the snakes on the island

2. One of the most toxic snake islands in Brazil: Golden spearhead viper and crouching tiger dominate the island

The venom of Agkistrodon halys in the Snake Island of Brazil is four times higher than that of its “brother” (common spearhead snake). This is the only place in the world where the golden spearhead snake can be found! So how toxic are other common spearhead snakes?

Its mortality rate to humans is higher than that of other snakes in North or South America. Ludwig once reported that common spearhead causes four kinds of human venom, three of which are fatal. Therefore, the toxicity of Agkistrodon halys is extremely high. In other words, all the venomous snakes that attack and kill humans in the Snake Island of Brazil are all attributed to Agkistrodon halys. Agkistrodon halys can be seen everywhere in the Snake Island of Brazil. They are less than one meter long and small. The whole snake is light orange. The head of Agkistrodon halys is triangular and highly toxic. If bitten, local pain and swelling, skin melting, renal failure and muscle swelling will occur Serious necrosis of meat tissue and other phenomena, and the venom contains neurotoxin components, will let the prey die quickly.

Since there are no small mammals on the Brazilian Island, Agkistrodon halys feeds on the birds that fly to and land on the island! Although Agkistrodon halys has strong toxicity, it also has important medicinal value. Scientists found that Agkistrodon halys hemocoagulase can be used for clinical hemostasis, which can coagulate fibrinogen faster and more timely, and promote the formation of fibrin in the bleeding site is unstable, easy to be degraded by plasmin, and will not lead to thrombosis complications. It has to be said that the Brazilian Snake Island is the exclusive kingdom of Agkistrodon halys. They live in hiding and dominate the island.

The picture shows Agkistrodon halys

3. The second most poisonous snake in Brazil: other golden headed snakes

In addition to the golden spearhead viper, there are many other golden headed vipers in the Snake Island of Brazil. They are rich in food on the island and mainly feed on cockroaches and other insects. Migratory birds will also be attacked by them when they rest on the Snake Island trees. The poison of these golden headed vipers is also very strong, and the venom secreted by them can kill people. These golden headed snakes have different posture and temperament. Most of them are very rough and become one of the dangerous snakes in South America and Brazil.

How did the Snake Island of Brazil come into being? How did the Viper on the island come from?

1. Spread widely from legend

Since the Snake Island of Brazil has so many poisonous snakes, how did it form? There are many theories about the origin of the Brazilian Snake Island, grand CAMA island. One of them is that there is a fantastic creature in the West. It looks like a giant snake. It is said that its eyes can kill people. As long as the land it crawls over leaves poisonous mucus, this mucus can also kill people. In the constant struggle between the Brazilian Indians and it, in order to revenge here for a long time, this giant poisonous snake propagated its offspring to this isolated island. This kind of legend is widely spread in the local area.

2. It’s not man-made, it’s evolved from history

The Snake Island in Brazil is not man-made, but formed naturally 11000 years ago. At that time, the whole earth was cold and the sea level was lower than it is now. Basically, the land in the earth was almost covered by ice. Many small islands and South American land were connected at that time. The Brazilian Snake Island, grand CAMA Island, was formed in this way. All the ecosystems are almost the same as the South American continent, covering a variety of animals and plants. With the change of the climate, the island has become more and more beautiful Warm, rising sea level, the island gradually isolated from Brazil, resulting in the island’s venomous snakes were “left”, and finally evolved in different directions.

This isolated island has no fresh water for a long time. All the animals are dying out. Only a few thousand poisonous snakes have survived. Among them, Agkistrodon halys is extremely fast breeding and occupies the whole island. They feed on mice, lizards and other species. As time goes on, migratory birds migrate here and become a feast for poisonous snakes. And Agkistrodon halys has also begun to evolve. It’s unbelievable Very strong venom.

Why is the venomous snake in Brazil becoming more and more poisonous?

In nature, there are many different kinds of creatures. They may be cooperative “friends” or hostile “competitors”. They form many chains of “eat and be eaten” and are closely related to each other. This is known as “food chain”. Due to the variety of poisonous snakes in Brazil’s Snake Island, Da Kema Island, people are afraid to approach it from beginning to end. Gradually, this island has become an island with isolated ecosystem. Due to the lack of fresh water, many animals are gradually extinct. After the food chain is broken, there is no natural enemy. The adaptability of poisonous snakes gradually becomes stronger and they are widely distributed on the island.

With the gradual change of ecological environment, the toxicity of these poisonous snakes is becoming stronger and stronger. According to relevant research, biologists said: “as migratory birds migrate less and less from here, it will be more difficult for the poisonous snakes living here to catch. In order to ensure an adequate source of food and catch more migratory birds on the island at one time, the venom secreted by poisonous snakes is becoming more and more efficient, and even can be killed in one blow. ” In order to prevent more people from trespassing on the island and losing their lives, Brazil has to publish relevant regulations to prohibit outsiders from easily logging on to the island.

Can human beings live in harmony with this threatening creature?

Compared with this kind of poisonous snake, the most terrible thing is human desire. In order to study the ecological habits of poisonous snakes, many researchers began to implant chips into the body of Snake Island in Brazil. For poisonous snakes, this kind of chip is like the ID card used by human beings. Through the chip, researchers record all the data of the last time. The snake on the island measures its body length, temperature, weight, and records the time and place of discovery. Although it can help scientists to harvest many important clues, it is a disrespectful way for creatures. When the value of life is deprived, it means that life is coming to an end, and the species will not live for a long time. We must also be concerned about the dignity and value of life of this special creature.

If we can’t respect the life value of every creature on the earth, then we human beings will not respect the life value of our own. The earth is not only the home of human beings, but also the home of all life. We should give some space to other creatures, and let them live freely. Only when we live in harmony with creatures, our life will be better

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