Is “derailment” the inevitable result of evolution? For the sake of species continuity, there are derailment genes in animals

With the rapid development of economy, in modern human society, emotional specificity has become a moral standard to measure a person. However, in the animal kingdom, although most of them abide by the principle of “monogamy”, some male animals, like the emperors of ancient dynasties, have 3000 courtesans. In many animals, male animals will abide by “monogamy” at a certain stage, but in most cases, in order to produce more offspring, male animals will also choose to “derail”.

One male and more females is the inevitable result of “derailment” in animal evolution

In nature, the way animals reproduce is basically monogamous. Of course, some animals are polygamous, polygamous and polygamous. For male animals, the more “mates” they have, the more offspring they will have. In the process of evolution, male animals are also performing the life of “polygamy”. As the saying goes, it is too cold to be high. Many male animals are facing the pressure from female animals while inheriting their genes. Especially when the breeding season is approaching, male animals are always ready to deal with the provocation from other competitors, and even in order to defend their “harem beauty”, these male animals have almost reached the state of forgetting to eat and sleep.


The seal community implements


Better continuity of genes

Compared with other animals, the male seal in the pursuit of female seals in the process of a single form, brutal means. When male seals are in oestrus, they will pursue female seals fiercely. In many cases, a female seal is often followed by many males. However, female seals will only choose one male seal they like best, so many male seals can’t avoid fighting in order to compete. Ferocious seals will attack each other fiercely, even bite off each other’s fur with their teeth, and the final winner will be with the female seal. Male seals mate underwater, and they have many wives.

So some netizens can’t help asking, “are male seals born to cheat? Is this polygamy the result of evolution? ” When it comes to this issue, we have to talk about the origin of seals. In the eyes of the public, seals should have originated in the North Atlantic. Of course, some of them cross the equator and travel southward. Some of them have even gone to the farthest South Pole. However, in the study of seal ancestors, scientists found that seals actually evolved in the southern hemisphere. They are round, spindle shaped and covered with short hairs.

The number of wives a male seal has depends on the physical condition of the seal. During the estrus period, young male seals have more wives than older ones. The sea lions and walruses we see are all close relatives of seals. December is the estrus period of seals every year. The gestation time of female seals is 9 months. Most female seals can only give birth to one baby seal at a time. Generally speaking, when female seals and male seals grow to 2 or 4 years old, they have entered the mature stage. They can choose partners. However, different kinds of seals have different breeding time.

The picture shows the seal


Lions are also polygamous

Lions belong to the cat family. Most of them like to live in groups. Generally, there are about 20 members in the whole group. The female lion is the core member of the lion group. They seldom leave the “settlement”, while the male lion lives a polygamous life. In this kind of marriage, the male lion will put more energy on the competition and win more favor from the opposite sex. The evolution of lions has reached its peak in the Quaternary. They are distributed in Africa, Eurasia, North America and other places. In the past decades, the number of lions living in central and western Africa has decreased significantly. In order to breed more offspring, the number of male lions’ wives has gradually increased.

Each male lion’s area of activity is quite clear, where there is plenty of prey, they can accept less than 20 square kilometers. Once other lions invade their territory, they will launch a fierce attack. In general, the most stable lion group is the lioness. Of course, the whole Lion Group will also accept the new outside room. The longest relationship between the male lion and the lioness is only two years. After more than two years, the male lion will choose a new relationship and form a new family.

However, compared with the young male lion, the old male lion will become a “Tramp”, and can only get away from the lions and act alone. Male lions in the implementation of polygamy, in addition to better reproduction, but also for the female lion has brought a lot of benefits. For example, if a female lion goes out hunting, her cubs can be taken care of by her own concubines. Other female lions shoulder the responsibility of taking care of their children and playing with them. Unfortunately, many of the cubs will be killed by the lion’s competitors. According to incomplete statistics, the survival rate of male lion cubs is only one-third, they often die in the fight between different males.

The picture shows the lioness and cubs


The ostrich who can’t fly carries out the “multiple concubines system”, and the original wife is affected

What is the biggest bird in the world? The answer is the African ostrich, a bird that can’t fly and can only keep running forward. On the surface, ostrich is very docile, but when threatened, ostrich will jump up and use its feet to kick its enemies. Ostrich’s life span is very long, generally ostrich can live about 30 to 60 years. At the beginning, ostrich’s body was round and rolling. In the process of evolution, with the change of ecological environment, ostrich’s neck grew to more than 90 cm. Long and thin neck with a small head, but the ostrich’s IQ is not high. Ostrich’s endurance is relatively strong, and it can run for about 30 minutes. The natural enemies of ostrich are lions and cheetahs. It is these fierce natural enemies that have trained ostrich’s speed and endurance.

The marriage system of ostrich is “multiple concubines”. Generally, there are about seven female ostriches in the territory of a male ostrich. Male ostriches choose “multiple concubines” for better reproduction, while for their original wives, sometimes they suffer more. When the male ostrich builds the nest, the original wife is responsible for laying eggs. During the confinement of the original wife, the concubine comes in with the male ostrich. When the female ostrich lays eggs, the male ostrich’s original wife will take care of the cubs, and the female ostrich will run out. This way of reproduction is a good choice for male ostriches, because they will have more offspring, but for concubine ostriches, they do not fulfill the responsibility of raising their offspring.

The picture shows an ostrich

Is human “derailment” an instinct or an ability?

1. Human infidelity: dopamine secreted by instinct

If in nature, animals will “derail” and polygamy is the inevitable result of evolution, then what is the reason for human “derailment”? In the relationship between men and women, cheating seems to be common to us. In some bloody plots, there are countless things about cheating. Of course, in real life, there are many people who break up their marriage because of cheating. According to incomplete statistics, men are more likely to cheat than women, so why do humans cheat? Is cheating an instinct?

In fact, the root cause of human infidelity is that dopamine is affected by genes in the body. So what is dopamine? Dopamine is a kind of “stimulant”, which can also be understood as a happy molecule. Whether people can be happy or not depends entirely on dopamine. For example, when we fall in love and fall into the river, we will feel very happy by stimulating the brain area to secrete dopamine. The “passion” brought about by dopamine can give people the illusion that they are crazy about love, but this situation can only last for three years at most. When they meet new goals, dopamine will rekindle their passion again.

Under the action of dopamine, we can become “addicts” and experience unprecedented love freshness and satisfaction. Dopamine also seems to be a master key, in our different environments, the body’s desire will be stronger and stronger. In addition, dopamine can promote metabolism in the body and bring excitement and expectation to the brain. Men will fall in love with other women and choose to cheat under the action of dopamine.

For men, if cheating is instinct, then loyalty is choice. In a South Korean film and television drama “the world of husband and wife”, all the stories in it are basically negative. The female owner has a classic line: “women don’t cheat because they don’t cheat, but think that as husband and wife, they should respect each other, so they should restrain themselves.”. Research shows that cheating is instinct, not cheating is ability. In other words, the idea of cheating is innate, more like a nature. But not cheating is patience, restraint, like a kind of self-control.

2. Cheating is an ability: it’s not human born

In the eyes of other netizens: “animal infidelity is the inevitable result of evolution, so human infidelity is a kind of ability, not instinct”. Sometimes men’s infidelity is not because they want to pursue novelty, or want to escape from their present partner, but because their inner needs are not met. For example, a sense of security, emotional support, hope to be worshipped and respected by the other half, and so on. If a man gets love and warmth in his life and is happy with what his partner has done, he will not cheat easily. For those men who can easily cheat, on the one hand, they are not satisfied, on the other hand, they do not respect the moral code.

We can’t control or change the choice of animals. Polygamy is the inevitable result of animals’ evolution following the change of ecological environment. But for us human beings, whether dopamine is causing trouble or not, whether we are proving our ability to others or not, we should respect the moral code, control our behavior and cherish the people we love. After all, the rest of our life is limited.

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