Is dream a representation of parallel time and space? When scientists do experiments, dreams may be invaded by outsiders!

Some people say that dreaming is exclusive to human beings. Everyone dreams. When we are in a dream, everything we experience is very real. Therefore, many people still think that they are still asleep even though they wake up. People have been studying dreams since ancient times. What is the relationship between dreams and reality?

Why do humans dream? This problem has puzzled the scientific community for many years. Some scientists believe that dreams are actually the display of human brain activity, and there is nothing special about them. Others believe that dreams are not simple. Nowadays, more and more people think that the universe is not a single space. Everything we see in our dreams is actually the display of another time and space. Dreams may be the channel connecting the real world and parallel time and space. It’s so weird that it doesn’t get the support of most people. There are still many people who think that dreams are just a kind of normal brain activity.

Can outsiders invade dreams?

In life, there are many sci-fi films and TV works. In these films, we can see that outsiders can invade their dreams. Some people can not only invade dreams, but also transfer some memories to other people’s brains through dreams. Some people think it’s too superstitious. It won’t happen in real life, but scientists have found that telepathy may really be realized in dreams.

Can dreams be felt?

In other words, if this kind of telepathy really exists, then dreams will be affected by outsiders. As long as we find a way to achieve it, we can not only disturb each other in dreams, but also not let each other perceive it. We often say that there is telepathy between twins. This kind of telepathy can span time and distance. Is it also applicable to dreams?

Scientists have made such an assumption. The universe is full of particles. Human telepathy can be regarded as particles. Under the same conditions, one person’s telepathy changes, and another person can’t be indifferent. So scientists believe that dreams and ECG are closely related, as long as we can find the right way to interfere.

Although this seems very incredible, science tells us that it can be done. In order to solve the secret of dreams, scientists have begun to study quantum mechanics. They hope that we can solve the mystery of dreams through quantum mechanics. That is to say, in the future, we can make a qualitative breakthrough in quantum mechanics, so that we can solve the relationship between telepathy and dreams, and then we can interfere with dreams.

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