Is Einstein right again? Do people see the dead in their dreams because they have entered the multidimensional space?

Einstein is recognized as the greatest physicist after Galileo and Newton. He created a new era of modern science and technology, and his appearance brought people to another era.

So everything Einstein said is valuable, meaningful and worthy of our careful consideration.

Before his death, he once said this sentence:“

I’m just leaving first!

”What does that mean? Did he mean to leave the earth when he said “leave”?

As we all know, human life is very precious, everyone only once. With the continuous development of modern science and technology, people have many questions about life. Why was human born on the earth? After living for a period of time, why does it die? Do people have souls after death? Where has the soul gone?

We are very curious about these problems. After these problems appeared, some scientists were very excited because they linked these problems with Einstein’s words.

Einstein’s death is just one step ahead of others.

His theory of relativity puts forward the conjecture of multi-dimensional space. Does he leave the space of another world and continue to live? Was he able to see these facts at that time?

Although there is no definite evidence to show the existence of multi-dimensional space, what human beings can feel is three-dimensional space.

However, according to the research of scientists on the existing space, they believe that the universe can not be touched only by the current imagination of human beings, but sooner or later we will find that it is real.

Since ancient times, there have been many strange supernatural events in human beings, which should have happened at the time intersection of multidimensional space and our world.

Scientists have studied people’s dreams. They believe that some people often dream of some relatives or friends who have passed away when they sleep, and the dreams are very real. Those who have passed away seem to be alive, lifelike and able to communicate with themselves normally.

But when they wake up, everything returns to the original, the dream disappeared, those familiar figures reappeared in the dream disappeared again, it is a dream after all.

So scientists speculate that people’s death is not really disappearing, but going to another dimension of the world, and our dream world is the entrance to the multidimensional space.

People can’t reach when they are awake. Only when they fall asleep, their consciousness is blurred, and their spirit is in a trance state, can they have the opportunity to enter that multidimensional space.

Xiaobian believes that at present, these are still the conjectures of scientists, and there is no evidence to show the truth. Does multidimensional space and time really exist?

Even if Einstein discovered the truth, he didn’t have enough time to verify it, and he came to the end of his life, so it still depends on the discovery of scientists in the future exploration.

Do you think multidimensional space exists? Is that what Einstein said? Welcome to comment area.

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