Is Einstein’s prediction verified? From the cosmic signal 11 billion years ago, can time and space change?

The reason why human civilization can develop to the present height, the efforts made by scientists can not be ignored. If we talk about the scientists who have made the greatest contribution to modern science, then many people will think of Einstein. With the development of science, his theories have been proved one by one.

11 billion years ago

Scientists have received signals from the universe, from the depths of the universe 11 billion light-years away, which means that this signal was sent out 11 billion years ago. After seeing this conclusion, many people think of Einstein’s theory of relativity. No matter how far away it is, the theory of relativity is still the established specialty, which makes people sigh again about his great achievements. But at that time, general relativity was too far ahead of time, and it did not get a lot of scientific verification. At that time, he did not win the Nobel Prize for this theory. Many people may wonder why the signal 11 billion light-years away can prove Einstein’s theory is correct?

Everyone must have heard of Newton’s law of universal gravitation, which is actually the force of mutual attraction between objects, but Einstein explained this problem from different angles. He thinks that objects and energy can change space-time, and objects and photons can move in the changed space. A hundred years ago, his theory was very advanced, but in today’s scientific community, his theory has been verified.

Einstein ring

In fact, Einstein’s light will be distorted by the mass of the celestial bodies in the universe, which is called the ring structure in space. Scientists have found many Einstein rings in the universe. From the photos, we can see that two distant galaxies are seriously distorted. They are almost in the same line with the earth, so we can observe them very clearly.

It has to be said that as the greatest scientist in modern times, his theory and achievements are admirable. Although he has left us, the material wealth he left behind is enough for the continuation of human civilization. Only when generations of scientists continue to innovate in theory can human civilization achieve landmark progress.

Just like the 11 billion light-years signal discovered by scientists, it is enough to show the vastness of the universe. In fact, there are many past lights in the universe. When these lights are transmitted to the earth, what we see is just a picture of the past. There are still many mysterious phenomena in the universe waiting for human to explore.

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