Is everything conscious? Why does an ordinary plant experiment make people doubt the universe?

Is consciousness unique to human beings? Will consciousness exist in the universe forever? There are no exact answers to these questions. Scientists believe that when the human body dies out, consciousness will continue to exist in the world in the form of particles. They believe that the particles in the universe are entangled, no matter how far apart they are, as long as one of them interferes, the other will react.

Baxter effect

After all, consciousness is abstract, invisible and intangible. Although we try to study it, there are no good results. But in history, there was a scientist who once carried out a bold experiment on plants in order to solve the secret of consciousness. This scientist is called Baxter. He is a lie detector expert, so this experiment is also called Baxter effect.

As we all know, lie detector judges whether to lie or not according to the heartbeat and breathing of the tested person. In 1966, when Baxter was watering a basin of Dracaena, he suddenly had a crazy idea. If we connect it with a lie detector, can we get the resistance curve of the plant? If the polygraph sounds, does it mean that they are aware of the threat. So he put down the water cup, immediately moved to the polygraph, the basin of dragon blood tree and polygraph connected.

Are plants conscious?

He wanted to use a match to burn the leaves of Dracaena Dracaena, but when he was looking for a match, the polygraph suddenly trembled. Baxter was very surprised to see this phenomenon. Could it understand his own ideas? Did the dragon blood tree realize the danger before he found the match? In order to make the experiment more rigorous, he really found a match. When he was about to burn the leaf, the polygraph began to vibrate. When he pretended to burn the leaves, it didn’t respond.


Therefore, he believes that plants, like humans, have consciousness and can sense danger. This event caused a great sensation at that time, and was admired by many people. Some people even began to doubt the entanglement form of particles. Until now, some people think that plants are conscious. But in our opinion, the results of such an experiment are not rigorous. In 1974, many scientists wanted to repeat the experiment, but none of them had the same results. A scientist named Horowitz once claimed that there was no scientific basis for this experiment, and the experimental results were not accurate.

There is no rigorous standard to judge people’s psychology in this experiment. When is pretending to burn plants? When is it really burning? This idea is very subjective, and this is exactly the most taboo in scientific experiments. Although the creation of all things in philosophy is meaningful, it can only be limited to the philosophical level. What do you think?

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