Is evolution selective? Australia, a primitive tribe, has maintained this ability!

When we carefully observe the creatures in nature, we will find that many creatures can judge the direction according to the earth’s magnetic field, such as the most familiar carrier pigeon, which is convenient to use. Although human beings have become the advanced wisdom on earth, it is difficult for us to judge any direction without the help of high-tech equipment.

Cook tayour

Scientists once conducted an interesting experiment. He selected photos of a person of all ages from childhood to adulthood, and then gave them to a special race, the kuktayor people living in Australia, for age arrangement. According to human habits, when we sort, the direction is consistent with the direction of writing. If the order of writing is from left to right, so is the order. But the direction of the cook tayour’s alignment has to do with their position. That is to say, if the volunteers faced south, they would be arranged from left to right.

This phenomenon has attracted the attention of scientists. It turns out that the direction they use is not random, but absolute. Ordinary people have infiltrated the southeast, northwest into their daily life, but in this experiment, the order of the cook tayour is always from east to west. Most people can’t control the direction so much, so what do the cook tayour do? Do they carry positioning equipment with them?

It turns out that they don’t use any communication tools and positioning equipment at all, and even abandon the natural environment. Even in the sealed dark environment, they can tell the exact direction. This phenomenon has aroused heated discussion among netizens. Do they have special abilities? Scientists believe that the reason why they are so familiar with direction may be that, like creatures in nature, they can distinguish direction by magnetic field.

In the process of human evolution, good abilities will be preserved, while those that are no longer suitable for development will be eliminated. With the improvement of living standards, human beings have changed from hunting to intelligent life, so their ability to survive in the wild has greatly declined. However, cook tayol has lived for generations by fishing, so their ability to distinguish direction has been greatly improved It’s preserved.

Seeing this, Xiaobian is also very surprised that those abilities that have been abandoned by human beings for a long time have played an incisive role. We have to say that human evolution is really a wonderful process. So there are no super powers in the world. Those so-called super powers are just the survival abilities evolved in the natural evolution. What do you think?

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