Is extraterrestrial civilization hiding in the center of the earth? Or nuclear power for a living, scientists worry about its great power after evolution

Since entering the space age, human beings have been exploring the universe and trying to get in touch with extraterrestrial life. However, after decades of efforts, human beings still have not captured any information about extraterrestrial life. As a result, even scientists began to suspect that alien life might be around us, and the way we used to look for it was wrong.

We all know that the earth is able to give birth to life because it has all kinds of basic elements for life, such as air and water. Based on these elements, scientists have been searching for extraterrestrial life by this standard. However, a recent scientific study shows that not all life is the same as carbon based life on earth, and oxygen and water are not necessarily needed to sustain life.

Therefore, the conditions for creating life are not the same. There is no need for sunlight, air and water. With the deepening of scientific research, it has been found that there may be some simple life on some planets that feed on methane. Recently, scientists have discovered a new ecosystem deep underground, which also provides a new idea for searching for extraterrestrial life.

It is understood that this new ecosystem is about 3 kilometers underground. It is totally different from the surface ecosystem. It can survive without relying on sunlight, oxygen and water.

This discovery completely overturned the human understanding of extraterrestrial life. Scientists have come to realize how narrow the vision of human beings in the search for extraterrestrial life is. Maybe the alien life we have been trying to find is not far away from us and does not live on other planets. They are likely to live on the earth like us.

In fact, the concept of “geocentric man” was put forward long ago. Those who support this view believe that geocentric people are a group very similar to human beings, but we can’t detect them. They may have been the masters of the earth at first, but later they moved to the earth because of the deterioration of the earth’s ecology.

According to the general cognition of human beings, the cycle of ecosystem is a very magical process. Green plants can convert sunlight and water into nutrients and release air through photosynthesis. There is a special biological chain between animals, and the underground ecosystem depends on the underground radioactive material uranium to maintain life.

The scope of people’s exploration is constantly expanding. Researchers say that uranium provides enough energy to combine with other substances and eventually form nucleotides, which will provide living conditions for most life in the ecosystem. Although they are only microorganisms, they can not rule out the possibility that they will have a long life.

In addition, this research has greatly expanded the scope of space exploration. In the infinite universe, there may be more than one kind of microorganism living on radioactive elements. Although the conditions for the existence of life on earth are unique, it can not be denied that there are some more viable creatures that have already multiplied on other planets.

In order to study the impact of space radiation on this organism, scientists plan to send the discovered underground microorganism into space in the future. Once new results appear, it will prove that space has the conditions for life, and the journey of human exploration will be full of surprises.

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