Is geocentric man not a legend? Snowden exposed the underground world, the degree of evolution is very high

With the rapid development of human science and technology, the “heaven” has made some achievements, so why not explore the “Earth”? Why don’t humans get through the earth’s core? Is it a warning from the earth’s core? At present, people’s understanding of the underground world is relatively simple and stagnant. Why not continue to explore it? Let’s have a look.

Human beings have always thought that there are other human beings living on this earth. It is said that after Snowden broke out the prism door, he also broke out many unknown secrets. According to the Internet, Snowden revealed that there are still geocentric people on the earth! That is, people living in the earth’s core, which is incredible. If they really exist, many unknown mysteries on the earth will be revealed.

Geocentric people with higher civilization

It is said that there is another group of human beings inside the earth, that is, geocentric people. They are a group of creatures with a higher degree of civilization, shuttling through all corners of the earth through underground tunnels extending in all directions. Because of the high temperature of the earth’s core, they gradually become thermophilic over time. Because the earth’s crust is in a constant temperature state, the evolution speed of geocentric people will greatly exceed that of human beings.

But as we know, the inner part of the earth has a core (outer core and inner core) with a radius of 3500 km in its center, surrounded by a 2900 km thick mantle, and the outer part of the mantle is covered with a 5-7 km thick crust. With our current technology, there is no way to touch the center of the earth, so it is impossible to confirm the existence of the center of the earth.

Snowden reveals that geocentric man is real

Edward Snowden, a former CIA staff member, published a shocking confidential document on the website of the chronicle of the world, in which he wrote: “a race far superior to human intelligence – geocentric people exist in the earth’s mantle.”. “Most people at DARPA are convinced that there are geocentric people in the earth’s mantle who are much smarter than modern humans,” Snowden said

It is said that the mantle has not changed for billions of years, so it is very likely to become a place for long-term survival and stable life. It’s very likely that geocentric people live in a mild environment that is totally different from ours. In this way, their wisdom can accelerate progress and continue to develop.

The public document also mentions that President Obama receives daily summary reports on geocentric activities. Analysts speculate that because the technology mastered by geocentric people is far more than that of earth people, it will be difficult for human beings to survive in case of conflict and war. “Because humans are just ants in front of the inner earth people after all,” Snowden said.

There is a saying that human beings appeared a million years ago, when the earth was destroyed by nuclear war. A small number of nuclear war initiators (such as Atlantis) dug underground tunnels in advance to avoid death. However, due to the effect of nuclear reaction and the influence of the earth’s internal environment, these geocentric people gradually became thermophilic animals and could only survive in the earth’s interior. They had been living in the geocentric for a long time.

If the earth people at that time were really destroyed because of the nuclear war, and the splendid civilization and advanced science and technology were destroyed, would the earth people now repeat the same mistakes? If there is another nuclear war on the earth’s surface, can the earth people still build their own underground kingdom like the earth people? The exploration of geocentric kingdom is still worth exploring. If the geocentric Kingdom really exists, are geocentric people really high-level civilization? Will it join hands with mankind, or will it destroy mankind and seize resources? This is a problem worthy of consideration and vigilance.

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