Is global warming going to stop? Expert: solar activity begins to weaken, or will continue until 2053!

The future of human beings is closely related to the natural environment. We have existed on the earth for millions of years. Our work and life are inseparable from the gift of nature. It is because of this that human beings exploit and plunder the earth’s resources without restraint. The earth’s environment is not as good as it used to be. We have caused damage to the earth, and the final consequences will always rebound to human beings. In recent years, global warming has become a hot topic. In order to control greenhouse gas emissions, many countries have formulated many policies.

Scientists have also predicted that by 2100, the Arctic glaciers will melt, polar bears may disappear from the earth, and by that time, many developed coastal countries will sink to the bottom of the sea, all of which are caused by global warming. Just as we are worried, the scientific community has a new research data to prove that maybe global warming will stop and the earth will start to cool down. What’s the matter?

With the continuous development of human heavy industry, while the economic benefits are greatly improved, greenhouse gas emissions are increasing. Therefore, it is difficult to see in many developed cities. The real blue sky will be covered by heavy dust every day, which really affects people’s health and travel. However, at the beginning, human beings did not realize the seriousness of the problem and only made huge profits. When global warming could not be contained, it was too late for human beings to save it. So at this time, when scientists propose that global warming will stop, many people are suspicious. Over the years, human beings have made a lot of efforts to control global warming, and there is no ideal effect. Why do scientists say such words?

Is the earth cooling?

The reason why scientists have come up with such a theory is not groundless. After they observed the sun, they found that the number of sunspots decreased significantly, and even hid for a period of time. This phenomenon made scientists very curious. The sun is active all the time, and the temperature of the earth is also closely related to the activity of sunspots. According to the observation data of scientists, the movement of sunspots is reduced, which means that the heat emitted by the sun is reduced, and the earth will start to cool down. Maybe global warming will stop.

At that time, solar activity may reach a minimum, and the ultraviolet radiation to the earth will be significantly reduced. With the decrease of solar heat, the temperature of the earth will also drop significantly. Maybe the solar activity will not recover again until 2053. Is this a good thing or a bad thing for human beings?

Although many people think that global warming is going to stop, drastic changes in the earth’s environment will also cause other changes. If the solar activity really reaches the minimum, it means that the earth’s summer time will become shorter, many food crops are facing the phenomenon of shutdown, and may trigger a new round of food crisis. Therefore, whether it is global warming or global cooling, Will not bring too much benefit to human life.

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