Is global warming going to stop? Solar activity may usher in the minimum period, the “ice age” is coming?

In 1979, the concept of global warming was first proposed at the world climate conference. Since then, scientists have been paying attention to the climate change of the earth. Over the years, through the unremitting efforts of various countries, the pace of global warming has gradually slowed down. Recently, many scientists have proposed that global warming may stop, the earth’s temperature may continue to decline, and mankind may enter the little ice age.

greenhouse effect

Since human beings entered the industrial society, due to the emission of a large number of greenhouse gases, the atmospheric structure has changed. A large amount of carbon dioxide filled the atmosphere, absorbed the infrared radiation from the ground, the earth temperature continued to rise, and the greenhouse effect began to strengthen. It is in such an environmental situation that extreme disasters are more and more frequent. The fires in Australia and California in the United States are caused by rising temperatures, followed by melting glaciers and volcanic eruptions. In the future, there may be more disasters testing mankind.

Scientists have done statistics, from 1860 until 1990, the earth’s temperature rose by 0.75 degrees Celsius, since the 20th century, the earth’s temperature has been rising, global warming has become a headache for scientists. Although scientists have made an obvious analysis of the cooling effect in China, the second reason is that you have had a significant cooling effect. Although the temperature of many cities in China has dropped sharply, the temperature of many places and countries is still higher than that of last year.

Is the earth cooling?

The temperature of the earth is closely related to solar activity, so scientists are also paying close attention to the strength of solar activity. Scientists claim that the current cooling is only a superficial phenomenon. In the future, the solar activity will continue to weaken. As less sunlight shines on the earth, the temperature will start to drop, and people will feel obviously cold. NASA scientists claim that at present, the sun is about to enter the minimum activity period. Perhaps by 2030, the sun will enter the sleep mode, and this sleep mode will last for 20 years. It is very likely that by 2050, the sun will face the minimum activity period.

Many netizens are happy to see the news. If the solar activity weakens in the future, won’t global warming be contained? Is that really the case? Scientists believe that the sustainable development of the earth’s environment must be maintained in a state of balance. Even if the temperature drops and the global warming situation is curbed, it is not a good thing. A series of problems will follow. A large number of crops may be greatly reduced because of the sudden drop in temperature. Perhaps mankind will face the test of food crisis.

Of course, this is just a guess of scientists. We should pay close attention to how the climate will change in the future. It can be admitted that the change of the earth’s temperature is inseparable from human activities, so we should also control the emission of greenhouse gases from now on, otherwise once the little ice age is over, it will be a greater test for human beings.

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