Is Hawking’s Doomsday prediction accurate? There are so many major events in 2020 that I’m afraid to think about them carefully

How is 2020 going? A lot has happened this year. Can’t help but remind people of the famous physicist Hawking’s prediction, as well as the eight year old boy poliscka who calls himself a Martian. They all say there will be a catastrophe on the earth in the near future. Is the end of the world really coming?

What are the worrying events in 2020?

1、 Wildfire

As we all know, wildfires in Australia spread hundreds of kilometers and lasted for several months. It was the biggest forest fire in nearly a hundred years. In Australia, in the five months from October 2019 to February 2020, the wildfire not only ravaged more than half of the country, but also seriously affected the ecosystem. Tens of thousands of wild animals were burned to death, thousands of square kilometers of forests were destroyed, and thousands of people were forced to flee their homes. Now, the winter in the northern hemisphere has passed, and wildfires have appeared in the Xichang forest in Liangshan, Sichuan. It has to be associated!

2. Locusts

At the beginning of this year, many countries in Africa and Asia experienced a once-in-a-century locust plague. Millions of locusts are eating crops in the field, and everywhere they go, they are really razed to the ground, making the farmers reap nothing. Although the locust disaster has been controlled to a certain extent, it has taken food rations from thousands of people in a year. This may not be the end of the story, because some scientific reports suggest that with the approach of the northern hemisphere summer, locusts may still return because they have not been completely eliminated.

3、 Earthquakes and volcanoes

Since 2020, there have been many earthquakes with magnitude more than 6. Although only in April this year, there were 21 earthquakes of magnitude 6.0 or above, with a very high frequency. What worries us scientists most is that a magnitude 6.6 earthquake occurred in the Midwest of the United States, because the location of the earthquake is not far away from Yellowstone super volcano in Wyoming. You should know that Yellowstone super volcano is the largest volcano on earth. Once the outbreak occurs, not only the United States will suffer huge losses, but also the climate of the whole world will be seriously affected. In recent years, scientific reports have also pointed out that Huangshi super volcano seems to have some “abnormal activities”, and the surface around it has risen by 12 cm, which means that the magma reservoir under the volcano is accumulating energy.

4. Virus

New coronary pneumonia began in the end of 2019 and has not yet ended. As a result, millions of people have died. This virus can be said to be the most widespread plague with the largest number of people in history. From the perspective of the whole world, the development of economy, culture and science and technology has been severely damaged. Strictly speaking, this virus has brought the world to a standstill for more than half a year. In this era of seizing every minute, The economic loss is incalculable.

5. Permafrost melting

In recent years, many glaciers in the Arctic are melting rapidly due to geothermal heat. This was confirmed by satellite photos. The situation of frozen soil in the Arctic region is even worse. Many frozen soil regions have undergone irreversible changes: the ground suddenly collapses, the roads are rugged, the houses are inclined, and small lakes suddenly appear on the ground. Some lakes are still bubbling outward, indicating that the ice is melting. The main concern comes from something in the permafrost that could be frozen by prehistoric viruses. When the permafrost thaws, will the virus be released again?

Global warming has become an indisputable fact. Whether in cold winter or hot summer, you will really feel that summer is hotter than before, winter is colder and the climate is more abnormal. Now summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere. Now is the time for scientists to worry most, because the permafrost in the Arctic is melting, and wildfires may officially start.

Hawking once predicted that human beings on earth can exist for another 100 years. If what he said is true, before that, we can’t leave the earth to go to other planets, we can only wait and die. Polisca, 8, also predicts a major disaster on earth in the future. Are these predictions true? From a scientific point of view, these worrisome events this year are not omens before the end of the world, but we can not relax our vigilance, because the earth’s environment and climate patterns are getting worse and worse. If this goes on, the end of the world will come one day. Maybe we are “frogs boiled in warm water”. Maybe one day we will notice.

Perhaps Hawking’s prediction is not correct, but to some extent, Hawking’s and poliscka’s predictions are correct. This can always bring an invisible sense of crisis to mankind, and remind people to take good care of the natural environment, save energy and reduce emissions, coexist peacefully, develop space undertakings, realize Mars migration, and let mankind rush out of the solar system.

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