Is Hawking’s prediction coming true? 2021 is the continuation of disaster. What should human beings do?

Although 2020 has become the past, many people are still worried. Even now, in 2021, the disaster has not disappeared, but has become a continuation. Especially in 2020, this critical year has become a year frequently mentioned by many forecasters. In addition to the so-called forecasters, even Hawking has predicted the future of the earth. After hearing Hawking’s prediction, many people think that maybe what he said will come true. Is there any scientific basis for this?

Hawking’s prediction

Hawking can be said to be the most legendary scientist. When he was alive, he had issued many warnings to mankind. He believes that extraterrestrial life exists, and if human beings frequently search for aliens, it is also harmful to human beings. After seeing the booming industrial civilization, he also warned mankind that if mankind ignores the earth’s environment, it will be mankind who will pay for it in the end. He once claimed that by 2032, the earth’s temperature will be lower and the earth will enter the ice age. By 2060, human beings will have to leave the earth.

By 2660, the earth will be a hot fireball. Is there any basis for Hawking’s words? Many people feel incredible after hearing his prophecy, and many people think it’s his free talk. In fact, Hawking’s predictions are based on the earth’s environmental situation. The development of science itself is a double-edged sword. Human civilization has been greatly improved, and the earth’s environment is already facing a heavy burden. Especially in 2020, the probability of extreme natural disasters is getting higher and higher, which seems to confirm that Hawking’s words have been realized.

Earth environment

Nowadays, global warming has become an established fact. Although many countries are also controlling greenhouse gas emissions, it seems to be a drop in the bucket under the current environmental situation. Even now it’s winter, there is obvious cooling in many parts of our country, but there is still no way to change the general situation of temperature rise. Scientists believe that the rising temperature has become a fact. In the future, the earth will only get hotter and hotter, so Hawking’s fireball may become a fact.

Even as the two farthest points on the earth, the north and south poles are covered with thick glaciers, in which ancient viruses and bacteria are buried. Once released, it is also a test of life and death for human beings. Therefore, there are still many threats we face. Although Hawking’s prediction can not be 100% believed, it can not be ignored.

Therefore, in the face of today’s environmental situation, we must pay attention to it. On the earth, the habitat suitable for human survival is limited. If more and more countries and cities are submerged in the ocean, where can we survive? I don’t know what you think?

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