Is Hawking’s prediction coming true that foreign bodies appear in human body in the experiment of American scientists?

The development of science and technology itself is a double-edged sword. Although our life has been greatly facilitated, great changes have taken place in the earth’s environment. In 2020 alone, the probability of natural disasters will break the record. Today’s environmental situation naturally needs to be taken seriously. Although many countries have formulated policies to protect the environment, American scientists have sent a bad news that something should not exist in the human body. This news is even more worrying. Is Hawking’s prediction really going to come true? Will man be defeated by himself in the end

We can clearly feel that the progress of human science and technology, there are many inventions also greatly liberated human hands, but there is such an invention in the scientific community, if time can flow back, then many scientists hope that this invention will not come out, this is known as plastic. If we don’t go anywhere, we can always see all kinds of plastic products. The penetration ability of plastic is too strong. In some scenic spots and beaches, we can also see discarded plastic bottles. These plastic bottles exposed to the sun for a long time will not only release greenhouse gases, but also damage the ecological environment.

Scientists’ answers

Just a while ago, American scientists conducted an experiment and found that even the highest mountain in the world has micro plastic particles. Plastic bags have also been found in the deepest part of the earth, the Mariana Trench, which means that plastics have appeared in many marine organisms. Now plastics have penetrated into various places. If humans eat these marine organisms containing plastics by mistake, does it mean that plastics have also appeared in the human body?

Sure enough, scientists have detected micro plastics in human excrement, which indicates that plastics have penetrated into the human body. However, this is not the final bad news. Scientists have found that micro plastic particles also appear in the placenta of the human body. Even after high-temperature disinfection, the plastic still enters the baby’s body for the baby’s feeding bottle that the baby uses every day. Plastics have been involved in the ecological cycle. If they exist in the human body for a long time, what will be the impact on us?

As we all know, plastics are difficult to degrade. If there are more and more plastic particles in the human body, the accumulation to a certain extent will inevitably damage the digestive system of the human body. Scientists believe that these micro plastics are likely to follow the blood circulation into the brain, which is life-threatening.

So plastic is an invention that people love and hate. If human beings didn’t invent plastic, maybe the environment of the earth is the same as before. The production of plastics is too large. It is unrealistic to stop producing plastics. Therefore, China has begun to implement the plastic restriction order. What will be the result of human remedy? Let’s wait and see.

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