Is Hawking’s prediction coming true? The human body detects a substance that affects the whole earth

Science is brilliant, it can interpret the mysterious phenomena in nature, but also can help us straighten out the chaotic world, make it clear. Since mankind entered the era of science and technology, the exploration of everything in the world has been going on. The selfless dedication of various top scientists has changed our world into what it is now, which not only enables us to have a modern, convenient and happy life, but also pushes our social development forward.

In the history of the development of human society, there are countless scientists who have made great contributions to the development of the world. For example, the theory of Western scientist Einstein laid a theoretical foundation for the development of nuclear energy, which completely changed the human industrial revolution; Newton’s law of gravitation promoted the development of human astronomy; Qian Xuesen’s aviation theoretical research made new China stand upright. It seems that a group of top scientists will emerge in every stage of the development of human society, so who are the greatest and top scientists in the development of modern human society? It is estimated that most people will think that Hawking is the great top scientist.

Scientists in wheelchairs succeed in changing their fate

Although Hawking is a great scientist with high reputation in the world, he is unfortunate. Since childhood, he has been keen on novel things, like to dismantle objects and study the structure of internal parts, but it seems that his hands and feet are never flexible. When he entered Oxford University at the age of 17, he didn’t make more efforts in his study. At that time, Hawking was confused. He thought that he could be an ordinary teacher or staff member after graduating from University, and did nothing to finish his life. He was a graduate student in Cambridge at that time. He was diagnosed with “lugaret’s disease”. All the motor nerve cells atrophied and his body didn’t listen to the brain. After treatment, it still didn’t help. In Hawking’s body, only the heart, lung and brain worked. The tenacious Hawking did not give up, he relied on the only active three fingers in the continuous in-depth scientific research. Although the disease worsened later, Hawking still insisted on scientific research. His Hawking radiation theory has given many scientists a deeper understanding of black holes.

Hawking’s prediction is coming true that the destruction of human ecological environment will turn the earth into a “fireball”

Hawking is known as the “king of the universe”, but many people prefer to call him the “prophet”. Hawking once proposed that with the development of science and technology, human beings will eventually lift stones and hit their own feet, threatened by artificial intelligence. When it comes to artificial intelligence, our biggest emotion is that it is convenient and fast. Many smart software upgrades have replaced cheap labor. For example, in restaurants, many manual dishes are gradually replaced by robots, so diners don’t waste too much time waiting. Although artificial intelligence assistance is very convenient, it may not be a good thing for us. There was once a movie that reflected artificial intelligence’s rebellion against human beings. In the coming decades, with the continuous upgrading of artificial intelligence, it will become the biggest threat to human beings when it is endowed with powerful external forces. Maybe it is also a new intelligent life.

In addition, Hawking also predicted that in 2600 years, the earth we live on will be vulnerable, and the aggravation of population growth will turn the earth into a flaming fireball. With the destruction of human ecological environment, it has brought great threat to the earth. Nowadays, global warming is still intensifying, even no longer under the control of human beings. The melting and collapse of Arctic glaciers is unprecedented,

When the earth can’t repair itself, it will become a fireball.

Millions of tons of plastic go into the ocean and you stammer it back

So what is the most destructive thing to human ecological environment? In recent years, the data show that the forest area is shrinking at the rate of more than 10 million every year, and a large number of soil is destroyed. Although human beings are the initiator, they do not know where the problem is. Some people say that the development of science and technology has damaged our ecological environment, but this view is one-sided. Science and technology can help us plant trees and improve our quality Therefore, this black pot should not be carried by it.

The human ecological environment has been greatly damaged and changed, and the real initiator is plastic.

In our daily life, the use of plastic provides us with convenience. Whether it’s shopping in supermarkets or outings, you can see the shadow of plastic almost everywhere. Most of the bags we use to package food are plastic. The syringes, liquid drugs and other external packaging used in medical treatment are also plastic. The main component of plastic is polyester fiber. With the wide use of plastic, there are tens of thousands of plastic waste.

Disposable plastic packaging, although solid, light, cheap, is the perfect packaging material, but the polyester fiber contained here is non degradable, even if the science and technology is very developed, it is still unable to realize the problem of how to degrade polyester fiber. If the plastic waste is buried in the soil, there is not enough oxygen to decompose underground. After a period of time, the plastic will release methane, which is a very powerful greenhouse gas and toxic gas, polluting the atmosphere and promoting the formation of acid rain. In addition, plastic also contains other harmful chemicals, these substances can not be degraded, will slowly affect the soil, change the pH of the soil, once the soil composition is destroyed, then crops will gradually reduce yield. In addition, it will do harm to groundwater or surrounding water resources, and these water sources may become drinking water in human life. It can be seen that the impact of plastic landfill in soil is huge.

Since plastic can’t be buried in soil, can it be decomposed by seawater when it flows into the deep sea? In their research, scientists found that although plastic can flow into the deep sea, it will be much stronger than soil landfill, and can be gradually decomposed by seawater, but this degree of decomposition is far from enough. The plastic waste in the seabed will have a great impact on the ecological environment of the seabed. According to incomplete statistics, more than 8 million tons of plastic waste flows into the ocean every year. The entire seabed plastic dump is huge. Scientists have found that in the seabed plastic dump, there is a kind of “micro plastic” component flowing in the seawater. The seawater provides oxygen and nutrition for marine organisms. After these toxic micro plastic components are ingested by marine organisms, they can’t be found in their stomach Digested. Through the food chain, these marine organisms are recycled back into the human body. Seafood such as crabs and lobsters are delicious food on the human table. It can be seen that the adsorption of plastics is very strong, especially micro plastics, which can absorb a lot of harmful substances, and it will also have a great impact on the seabed ecological environment.

In Hawking’s prediction, plastic is likely to be the initiator

Plastic pollution is the biggest destroyer of our ecological environment. When the micro plastic component is ingested by marine organisms, it will become a seafood food for human beings, so it will naturally exist in the human body. Don’t believe it,

In addition to marine life, scientists have also detected such substances in land mammals. Among them, there are as many as nine kinds of plastics in the human body alone.

Hawking predicted many times in his life that our earth’s carrying capacity is limited. If the human ecological environment is destroyed to the limit, and the earth can not realize its own repair ability, it will lose its magnetic field like Mars, and then become a flaming fireball. Hawking’s prediction is reasonable, now the earth is full of holes, plastic has become the biggest polluter of human ecological environment. Even though our science and technology have been developed, we still can not find a planet suitable for human habitation. If human ecological pollution is still not effectively controlled, we may live and die together with the earth.

Don’t let plastics become the last “heritage” of mankind, let alone Hawking’s prophecy come true

It is no exaggeration to say that we human beings have now lived together with plastics. No matter where we go, we can see plastics everywhere. Although we have entered the era of scientific and technological development, we have also entered the “plastic era”. There is an old Chinese saying: “don’t do to others what you don’t want to do to yourself”. The plastic waste we throw away in the soil and marine natural environment, now through the food chain, nature slowly “returns” all plastic to mankind.

We are not only enjoying the convenience brought by plastic products, but also suffering from plastic waste. We hope that human beings can wake up from deep sleep and stop using plastic products. When we go out, we should bring our own environmental protection paper bags, drinking cups and plastic straws. If conditions permit, we must reduce the number of takeout, reduce the use of plastic lunch boxes and plastic outer packaging, and clean the food The degree of dependence on the use of plastics is gradually decreasing.

At the same time, we also hope that all countries in the world can make concerted efforts not to ignore white pollution. Some developed countries export plastic waste to developing countries, believing that this is the best way to deal with plastic pollution. However, we all live together in this earth. Although we have disposed of the white waste pollution in front of us, it has exacerbated the damage to the earth. Don’t let plastic waste become the last “heritage” of human beings. It affects not only human beings, but also our earth home. Don’t let Hawking’s prediction come true. It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect the ecological environment. For our common home, we work together to create a beautiful future, resist the use of plastic products, and make our life more nutritious and healthy The descendants of our country leave green mountains and green waters!

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