Is Hawking’s prediction coming true? There is a huge beam of light over the United States, just like a spaceship!

According to statistics made by American scientists, the probability of UFOs appearing this year is much higher than in previous years. On December 28, a rare phenomenon appeared over the United States. A bright fire appeared in the sky and was falling rapidly to the ground. Many netizens thought that it was like a spaceship coming rapidly. Many people would also have such questions. Why do UFOs often appear over the United States? Are these UFOs aliens or human pranks?

Pillars of light over the United States

This time, the UFO appeared in the sky of West Virginia, USA. through the photos taken by netizens, we can see a bright light column in the sky. This light column seems to fall from the sky, just like an alien spaceship visiting the earth. When the spaceship came to the earth, many people thought that the time of the spaceship and extraterrestrial was too similar.

Of course, some rational netizens think that this pillar of light may be just an ordinary natural phenomenon. There are some aircraft flying in the air, after the sun’s irradiation, will also reflect such a look. Some people think that this column of light is likely to be a falling meteorite. After all, in the process of penetrating the atmosphere and falling to the earth, meteorites will radiate bright light due to the friction of high temperature. However, most of these meteorites disintegrate in the air, producing a large number of debris and falling to the ground. Until now, there is no exact answer to this mysterious column of light.

Have aliens come to earth?

Over the years, UFOs often appear in the sky of various countries. It has to be said that the probability of the emergence of European and American countries is too high. Therefore, some conspiracy theorists believe that if these UFOs are really related to aliens, it is certainly not a coincidence that they appear in the sky of European and American countries. Some people have put forward a bold guess that aliens have long been in the sky Has come to the earth, and some developed countries have reached secret agreements.

Of course, there is no real evidence for this. It’s just one of the conjectures. Human beings have been trying to find traces of extraterrestrial life. The universe is so vast and there are countless planets. It is reasonable to say that the universe should be full of life. But through our exploration, we can see that in addition to the endless darkness of the universe, there is only terrible and gloomy silence left.

We can’t judge whether extraterrestrial life really exists, whether extraterrestrial life will pose a threat to human beings, but we must take precautions. Hawking once warned human beings not to rashly seek extraterrestrial life, otherwise human civilization will face a great test. This is also his advice to human beings. I don’t know what you think?

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