Is Hawking’s prediction coming true? Two thirds of the land may face drought. What should human beings do?

Now global warming has become a fact. According to the data of scientists, the surface temperature has increased by 0.74 ℃ in the past 100 years. Especially in 2020, there will be high temperature weather in many countries. Even the farthest north and south poles have broken the high temperature record. Glaciers begin to melt rapidly, and the ancient materials buried in the permafrost will be released. However, the waiting for human beings is far more than that.

Drought situation

With the gradual increase of global temperature, in addition to extreme weather, human beings may also face the crisis of abnormal water shortage in the future. Especially in our country, in recent years, southern cities often suffer from drought, and some places have experienced severe drought, especially in Guangxi, where 80% of the regions have little precipitation.

In addition to China, there was a major drought in South Africa in 2018, which is also the most serious drought in nearly 100 years. The drought in South Africa has also sounded an alarm for human beings. Now the earth’s environment has been facing serious changes. With the continuous rise of temperature and the gradual reduction of precipitation, even if artificial rainfall is implemented, the effect is still not satisfactory and can not be understood We will never be in a hurry. Scientists believe that if the current environmental situation continues, extreme weather and water shortage will further aggravate in the future, and many areas will face drought crisis.

Especially since human beings entered the modern society, the plunder of the earth’s resources has become more and more frequent. As early as before, human beings did not have a strong sense of water saving, so they wasted a lot of fresh water resources. In today’s 2 / 3 of the earth’s land, land water storage is declining year by year, especially in some countries in the southern hemisphere, water resources are in short supply, which has affected food production To solve this problem, local people have to migrate to live where there is water.

Hawking’s prediction

After seeing such a situation, many people are also worried. People can’t help thinking of Hawking’s prediction. When he was alive, he predicted that the earth would change greatly. He thinks that the development of human civilization is a double-edged sword. Even if our living standards are improved, the extreme climate of the earth is more and more frequent, and the dry places will be more and more dry. Is Hawking’s prediction really going to come true?

He once claimed that by 2600, the earth will become a fireball because of the high temperature. At that time, if human beings are still living on the earth, then civilization may be facing the end. No matter whether Hawking’s prediction will come true or not, we can’t take it lightly. It has become an indisputable fact that human behavior affects the environment. If we don’t protect the environment any more, maybe “2600 years” will come ahead of time. I don’t know what you think?

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