Is Hawking’s prediction to be verified? The American fire has not been put out, the Brazilian fire is still spreading!

Now it has entered October, the global temperature has begun to decline significantly, but until today, the global forest fire situation is still very serious. Since 2020, forest fires have broken out in Australia and the United States one after another. Now, the fire in the United States has not been put out, and the forest wildfire in Brazil’s Amazon continues to spread. Does Hawking’s prediction really need to be verified? Will the earth become a fireball?

Impact of fire

Scientists have repeatedly warned mankind that this year’s situation is too severe. If forest fires continue to burn, then the possibility of extreme climate will become greater and greater. Although various countries have begun to pay attention to environmental protection, they are still unable to cope with such a situation. The continuous burning of forest and wildfire has led to a substantial reduction in vegetation coverage, the displacement of billions of animals, and the extinction without habitat protection and food sources. Today, Brazil’s forest wildfires continue to spread, and scientists believe that in the future, the situation of fires will become more and more serious.

Forest fire situation in Brazil

According to their data, by September, the number of forest fires in Brazil has increased by 61%, with a total of more than 30000 fires. However, in the same period of 2019, there are only less than 20000 cases. The comparison of this data is very obvious. We can see that the frequent occurrence of forest fires is also closely related to the rise of global temperature. Many people think that this year is the hottest year in the past 10 years, and some countries have experienced drought to varying degrees. Of course, if this problem continues, the tropical rain forest will no longer be the lung of the earth, but will become a barren jungle.

Some people think that what does the disappearance of rainforests in Brazil have to do with us? In fact, this idea is very one-sided. The ecosystems on the earth are interlinked. While the tropical rainforest in Brazil is disappearing, the impact on animals and plants is the most obvious. The vegetation coverage rate is reduced, and the animal habitat is destroyed. In the process of migration, they may perish due to environmental problems and food sources, which means that the earth’s ecosystem will face the risk of imbalance at that time. If there is a problem in any link of the biological chain, it will eventually affect the whole system, and ultimately harm the human beings themselves.

And the continuous burning forest fire released a lot of greenhouse gases, which accelerated the vicious circle of greenhouse effect to a certain extent, which is very unfavorable to today’s environmental situation.

Therefore, some people think that if human beings no longer realize the importance of controlling greenhouse gas emissions, the frequency of forest fires will be higher and higher. This year, everything is not going well. It is just the beginning. In the future, the earth may really become a fireball. What should we do then?

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