Is Hawking’s prediction to be verified? The position of the earth has been exposed. Have aliens come to earth?

The size of the universe often makes people feel ashamed. In such a big universe, people are just a drop in the ocean, and the earth is just a tiny dust. In the 1960s, when the level of science and technology was relatively limited, we began to search for extraterrestrial life. Humans try to send signals to the universe. If extraterrestrial life really exists and catches this signal, it may respond to the earth.

Although we can understand such behavior, it was also questioned at that time. In 1974, scientists sent signals with the information of the earth’s position to outer space. Many people think this is really improper. Once the position of the earth is exposed, it will undoubtedly increase the threat. For human beings, aliens are always unknown species. In the face of human beings, what kind of attitude will aliens hold towards us? Will they be friendly to human beings, or will they hurt human beings?

Hawking’s warning

Hawking had warned human beings before he died. Although he believed that extraterrestrial life existed, he thought that it was improper for human beings to search for aliens. He hoped that human beings would stop searching for aliens, otherwise it would pose a threat to human survival. Even if Hawking warned people, there are still many people who are very curious. In 1977, Voyager 1 flew into the universe with a record, which contains all kinds of language and cultural information of the earth. Now Voyager 1 has flown out of the solar system and headed farther away. If Voyager 1 can be captured by aliens, it will be a great step for us to find extraterrestrial life.

Has the earth been exposed?

Many people think that the position of the earth has been exposed for a long time. In 1974, through the Arecibo radio telescope, scientists sent a signal to the M13 nebula, which is what we call a signal containing the position of the earth. The Arecibo radio telescope was shut down last year, and we have no way to explore this history.

Do aliens exist?

There have been UFO incidents in many countries, especially in 2020, the news of UFO has become more and more frequent, and many senior officials have disclosed that alien life has come to the earth long ago, and even have signed an agreement with mankind, with which the United States has signed an agreement. Aliens provide science and technology to humans, while humans protect them from being discovered.

Although this view has been sought after by many people, Xiaobian thinks that if alien life really comes to the earth, how can it trade with human beings in terms of their high technology? So when we see these news, we still have to maintain our own judgment. Let’s listen to all kinds of alien events as a story. I don’t know what you think?

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