Is Hawking’s prediction to be verified? What does it mean that there are giant caves and prehistoric creatures in the Arctic?

Although 2020 has become the past, in the eyes of the scientific community, 2020 is likely to become the hottest year in recent years. By the end of 2020, the temperature has also begun to decrease significantly, but it still can not change the fact of global warming. As the global temperature continues to rise, many changes have taken place in the earth’s environment, and even some unexpected phenomena have appeared. Some people think that what scientists are worried about may be happening.

Giant hole in the Arctic

In our cognition, the Arctic is high latitude, far away from the earth, and covered by heavy glaciers all the year round, so the environmental damage of the Arctic is relatively small. However, in recent years, some changes are also taking place in the Arctic circle. Before, when a pilot was on a flight mission, he passed through the Siberian plain, and a big black hole appeared on the flat land, with a diameter of about 20 meters. After exploration, scientists found that the depth reached 52 meters, which was the first huge hole discovered by human beings in the Arctic. Until now, scientists have found 17, but the distance of human exploration is relatively long Maybe in the future, the number of these giant caves will be more and more.

Many people wonder why there are so many giant holes in the Arctic? However, up to now, scientists have not been able to figure out the reason. Some people think that the appearance of giant holes is probably related to the rise of global temperature, while others think that these giant holes are probably caused by explosions. In the vicinity of these animals, there are many large pieces of soil and ice. Only the explosion can achieve such power, and the source of the explosion is likely to be the gas accumulated in the permafrost.

Prehistoric remains

In addition, there are many changes in the Arctic. With the continuous melting of glaciers, many permafrost began to melt, which led to the exposure of many biological corpses buried in the permafrost to the earth. Just in 2020, scientists have found many prehistoric biological remains in the permafrost. These prehistoric organisms live on the earth tens of thousands of years ago. Who would have thought that after tens of thousands of years of change, these remains are still very complete. Although it is of great significance for scientists to study the evolution of life, scientists are not happy. This is a big surprise What’s the matter?

It can be said that global warming has affected the environment of the Arctic. Although human beings rarely go to the Arctic, the impact of environmental change in the Arctic is far more than that. In addition to the biological remains buried in the permafrost, there are also a lot of greenhouse gases. Now the earth’s temperature has been rising continuously. If a lot of greenhouse gases appear again, it would be like adding frost to the snow.

Hawking once warned mankind that by 2600, the earth may become a fireball. If human beings want to survive, they must look for other planets. After seeing this situation, many people feel worried. If the situation of global warming can not be alleviated, then everyone can not stay out of it. What do you think?

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