Is hell really there? Scientists have been studying for several years

From ancient times to the present, hell has been widely spread all over the world. It is said that if a person does evil all his life, he will be sent to hell to suffer and will never be reincarnated. Is hell true or false? Does it really exist? The dead and the resurrected tell their stories.

Does hell really exist? Scientists don’t understand that a Russian man was in a coma when a truck hit him on the road. It is said that when he was hit by a car at the entrance of hell, his soul fell into hell.

The man said that once he went to hell, he was very resistant. There’s always something to draw him in. The cold inside made him very afraid. All kinds of monsters and ghosts gather in hell. People don’t believe the man’s account. They think he just fainted and had a dream.

Another scientist came to the scene of the accident, proved that it was just a man’s illusion, and ordered his colleagues to hit him with a big truck. Unexpectedly, in the same place, the soul of scientists also went to hell.

Scientists say that after more than three kilometers deep, some incredible strange phenomena appeared, and people could hear the howling and screaming of humans from the borehole. After drilling a nine mile deep hole with a machine, they actually flew out a monster with green teeth and wings.

Later, they sent a radio to the cave and heard a shrill and tragic scream, as if countless people were suffering. It can’t be explained by science.

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