Is human behavior watched by alien civilization? A real case makes scientists flustered!

Is human behavior watched by alien civilization? A real case makes scientists flustered!

Human beings are the most special higher life of all creatures. From the moment of consciousness, human beings have been dreaming of exploring the vast space, the boundless ocean and so on. Due to the limited technology at that time, many myths and legends have emerged over time, such as Chang’e flying to the moon, Hou Yi shooting to the sun and so on, which are related to outer space. With the development of science and technology, human beings have enjoyed the convenience brought by science and technology.

Only when we have the opportunity to go out of the earth can we have a deeper understanding of the universe, completely replacing the previous fuzzy cognition, and at the same time, it also stimulates the desire of human beings for life in the universe. Whether there are other alien civilizations in the universe is still unknown. With the rapid rise of the space field, more and more people are able to go to outer space to have a look, once again broaden human vision and realize the goal A dream for thousands of years. Is human behavior watched by alien civilization? A real case makes scientists flustered!

As the excitement gradually faded, scientists suddenly found that the universe is much quieter than we thought. According to the truth, the universe has a history of more than 10 billion years and should have bred countless civilizations. Why do we only know about human civilization now? Where are the other alien civilizations? Many people feel depressed when they see this dead scene. However, this view was quickly refuted by the scientific community. Although no alien civilization has been found, it does not mean that they do not exist.

The history of human beings on the earth is only a few million years, which is insignificant compared with the universe, and the universe is vast. The Milky way, as we know it, has more than 200 billion stars. Throughout the universe, there are more than 10 billion stars. Among these 10 billion stars, the number observed by human beings is very small. Perhaps the probability of life on many planets is zero, but it does not mean that every planet can not give birth to life, as long as there is sufficient water, suitable temperature, sunlight and so on It has the foundation for the birth of life.

Many scientists have big brain holes and put forward many hypotheses, such as the hypotheses of virtual universe and civilization desert. After decades of discussion, the zoo theory hypothesis put forward in 1973 supports the most, but also has a high degree of authenticity. According to zoo theory, alien civilization has existed for a long time. At that time, they had discovered the earth, and for some purpose, they did not interfere in all the development of the earth, and protected it. Human beings live on the earth, and alien civilization can observe every move of human beings.

Human beings are like animals in captivity. Everything they do can be seen by alien civilization. Many people feel scared when they hear it. Maybe at this time, there are alien civilizations silently observing human beings in the universe. Of course, this is also the guess of scientists. After all, no alien civilization has been found. Which of these hypotheses do you think is the most reliable? You can leave a message for interaction.

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