Is human civilization really the only civilization in the earth’s 4.5 billion years of existence? The answer may not be

In the time when human beings dominated the earth, people found that the earth has existed for 4.5 billion years, while human beings only existed for tens of thousands of years from the primitive human stage. First of all, it is a drop in the ocean. This leads to some people’s conjecture about prehistoric civilization, and also questions the objective fact that human civilization is the only civilization on the earth. With the passage of time The answer has gradually come to the surface. All kinds of signs show that human civilization may not be the only civilization on earth.

First of all, the idea that human civilization is not the only civilization on earth came from the discovery of ancient archaeologists. When archaeologists discovered the fossil clover, they accidentally found the gene composition different from that of plants. However, it is also different from the basic composition of human DNA. The only explanation is that there was a certain organism in ancient times, but whether it appeared or not After civilization, there is no way to verify, so according to the existing data, “the only theory of human civilization” began to waver.

Secondly, other fossils were unearthed one by one, which made mistakes in the existing theory of evolution, but the literature was forced to seal up for various reasons. In 1880, stone tools were unearthed in California. According to carbon element tracing, they were identified as 55 million years ago, which completely broke the system of human evolution. In 1966, a group of iron spears were also unearthed in hoyalek, Mexico. The internationally renowned geologist Macintyre used chemical tracing and biological tracing to date them, It was found that the iron spear appeared 250000 years ago. Due to the pressure from all walks of life, all kinds of discoveries against the popular idea were sealed up. Moreover, there was a related event in the Memoirs of the late archeologist amanta: the jaw of a prehistoric animal was unearthed in the city of pretava, Mexico. According to the damage situation, the animal was killed by a sharp weapon hitting the brain. We are here An old spear was found inside the remains. According to our experiments, we proved that the iron head of the spear was the product of 260000 years ago. However, no publication has published these theories since then. Maybe there is a line between the objective truth and reality.

History is what people want to see. With the development of science and technology and the continuous discovery of historical products, perhaps one day, the foundation of the theory of species evolution will be shaken, and the theory of the uniqueness of human civilization will take a lot of turns.

Finally, time will one day give us the answer to the truth of human history. It’s just that we can’t make the exact results public. If one day we really find out that human civilization is not the only civilization on earth, but also a lower civilization, what would the world look like? Welcome to leave a message and express your opinion!

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