Is human consciousness controlled by bacteria? There are a thousand kinds of bacteria in the human body, and humans are working for them

Bacteria is a kind of microorganism that people talk about. In our eyes, bacteria and viruses are the same. They are the culprits of many diseases and the biggest threat to human health. However, in reality, each of us is actually a combination of “bacteria processing plants”. There are thousands of bacteria in our body. These bacteria have been living in our body for a long time and have been multiplying continuously. In human body, bacteria maintain the principle of peaceful and friendly coexistence. In fact, part of our metabolism is maintained by bacteria, and to some extent, it can be changed Bacteria are good for us.

Antibiotics are the natural enemies of bacteria, so who are the natural enemies of superbacteria?

Penicillin is a great special drug, which increases the life span of human beings from 45 to 60 years old. It is a great invention for the benefit of human beings. Penicillin is the natural enemy of many bacteria. With the continuous development of medical technology, human beings have researched and invented antibiotics, which is the best way to eliminate bacteria. As a single-cell microorganism, bacteria are constantly evolving, such as superbacteria. Scientists predict that by 2050, the number of superbacteria causing global death will exceed that of cancer.

So do superbacteria really want to dominate the world? To be a real dictator? In further research, scientists found that in our body there is a virus called bacteriophage virus, which is specialized in attacking bacteria. This virus is widely distributed, such as where there are bacteria, there are bacteriophages, such as our nasal cavity, our intestines, there are their presence. So can bacteriophage viruses really devour bacteria? In fact, bacteriophage viruses only select the bacteria they know to eat, and they will not devour the bacteria they don’t know. For example, in our nasal cavity, there are many bacteriophages that specifically phage known bacteria.

For the general public, perhaps we are most concerned about which bacteria are most likely to make us sick, while scientists are concerned about which bacteria can live in peace with us. With the continuous development of genes, scientists have found that there are many viruses and bacteria in our bodies, which have reached 2% – 3% of our body weight, from inside to outside The shadow of the people.

Bacteria can control human brain consciousness and behavior

Relevant foreign media reports said: most of human brain functions are dependent on gut microbes. For example, gut microbiota can affect group behavior. Many people like to eat meat, which is the brain response controlled by gut bacteria. Generally, the obesity of human body is directly related to gut microbiota. Previously, relevant experts believed that children’s malnutrition was caused by developmental deformity, single type of food and less food. In their treatment plan, experts started from improving food, but after a period of treatment, experts found that children’s malnutrition had not changed at all. In desperation, the experts found a new way to find a new treatment. After in-depth research, experts found that the malnutrition of children was caused by malignant bacteria, which destroyed the intestinal flora, so experts used antibiotics to treat it for a month, and the malnutrition of children was completely improved.

In addition, bacteria can also control people’s mental consciousness. Many people will have people they like, so-called love at first sight. Experts believe that each other has his own missing genes, and love at first sight may be the choice of bacteria, That is to say, the bacteria in your body take a fancy to the bacteria in each other’s body, especially when you kiss each other affectionately, the bacteria will be exchanged, which is why many people have couples. Moreover, people’s emotions are also infected by bacteria. For example, in family members, some people will be grumpy. Through bacterial infection, their emotions will infect other family members.

It can be seen that we human beings are inseparable from bacteria, all our actions are under the control of bacteria, and bacteria may also help us to enhance our mental health and happiness.

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