Is human race against magma Science in Jurassic world 2? How does magma flow?

Dinosaur themed films emerge in endlessly, each of which is well made and vivid. There is a movie clip in Jurassic world 2 that is related to the topic we are going to discuss in this article, but has nothing to do with the main character of the movie, dinosaur. In the movie, the volcano on the island erupts, and the dinosaurs are in danger of extinction. The protagonists Owen and Claire form a rescue team again, ready to go to the island to rescue the dinosaurs. And the enemy they face is not only villains, but also natural factors – erupting volcanoes. There is a passage in the movie: when searching for the Raptor, Owen uses a tranquilizer, all paralyzed. Just then the volcano erupted and formed a large amount of magma, gradually surrounding Owen. After Owen wakes up, he drags his paralyzed body, moves hard, and finally crosses a fallen tree to get away.

In order to arouse the audience’s emotion, film and television works will use some exaggeration techniques, but in real life, the gushing magma just flows slowly? The answer is: really! How did the magma form? Magma is a kind of high-temperature melting material mainly composed of silicate, which often occurs in the lower crust and upper mantle. All kinds of rocks are affected by the crustal movement and enter into the underground asthenosphere. Under the condition of high temperature and high pressure, they are melted again to form magma. After solidification, they will form magmatic rocks. In the plate, thermal convection occurs in the deep mantle, which makes some materials submerged in the mantle partially melt and produce magmatic materials, forming mantle material plume, that is, mantle plume. When it leaks out of the surface, it will form volcanic eruption.

Magma can be divided into ultrabasic magma (SiO2 < 45%), basic magma (45% < SiO2 < 52%), neutral magma (52% < SiO2 < 65%) and acid magma (SiO2 > 65%). The melting point of basic magma is 1400 ℃, that of neutral magma is 1300-1350 ℃, and that of acid magma is 800 ℃. In addition, the magma is viscous. The lower the SiO2 content, the higher the temperature and the less volatile matter, the less viscous the magma is and the less likely it is to flow.

The former can refer to Mount Fuji, while the volcanic eruption in Jurassic world belongs to the latter. The more basic the magma is, the higher the temperature is, the lower the viscosity is and the better the fluidity is. Therefore, when the basic magma erupts, part of the material will overflow, no strong explosion will be formed at one time, and no solid material will be produced. There are few volcanic ash, and the magma will overflow in the form of gushing.

The movie takes place on the fictional nubla Island, similar to the Hawaiian Islands. It is an oceanic island basalt formed by the eruption of basic magma. The process is quieter and the flow speed is slow. It is also one of the unique attractions in Hawaii – Kilauea active volcano. So according to the plot of the movie, the magma flows slowly on the surface, the semi paralyzed Owen escapes successfully, and only his pants are ignited, which is understandable. But in a more realistic situation, he should still suffer from serious burns, which is somewhat different from reality.

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