Is “human suspension technique” feasible? Is David Copperfield’s performance “super power”?

Many people dream of having super power, so that we can fly freely in the world, and life will become much easier. With the development of science and technology, we also realize that most people are ordinary people, and these super abilities are just the bridge in movies and TV plays. In history, we can often see the records of human levitation. In many legends, people with this kind of super power are not ordinary people, so does this kind of super power really exist?

I believe everyone has heard of magic master David Copperfield. His levitation technique has reached the stage of perfection. Many people think that his levitation technique is not magic at all, but a kind of magic. Why can a person float into the sky without any external force? A lot of people think it’s incredible after hearing this. It must be made up. But if we see David Copperfield’s performance, we won’t say that.

In addition to David Copperfield, this phenomenon can also be seen in the streets of some foreign countries. A person will be half sitting in the air. These are the “blind spots”. These people will wear a big robe and put a walking stick on their hand. In fact, there is a seat under the big robe, and the hand is just a support function, so in our view, it’s like floating in the air. In fact, it’s not super power at all.

Floating girl

In 2009, a Russian man saw such a phenomenon. When he was walking in a forest, he accidentally saw a little girl floating in the air and an adult guiding him. When the man approached, the little girl immediately fell down and the adults on the ground quickly fled. Fortunately, the man recorded this picture Recorded, the video spread to the network caused a burst of hot debate, until now this video is still an unsolved mystery.

Some people think that this video is synthetic. There is no one in the world who can float in the air. However, Xiaobian thinks that the phenomenon of super power itself can not be explained by science. Although we have not seen super power, we can not completely deny its existence. Maybe there are people with special abilities in some places?

It’s like David Copperfield’s magic. Although he says that his performance almost helps, the people he says can find out his magic flaws are all children. Do children really have the legendary eye of heaven? Is it the eye of heaven that enables them to see many unknown things? Although we are still in the process of exploration, the road is still very long. I don’t know if you have ever met people with special abilities?

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