Is India’s 14-year-old prophet right in predicting the second half of 2020?

Talking about the prodigy prophet on the Internet, I believe many people will think of the Martian boy in 2004, when the Martian boy exploded the Internet because of his amazing words. He claimed that he was not an earthman, but a descendant of Martians. He came to the earth because of the Martian war. Today’s Mars boy has disappeared, only his prediction is still active in front of mankind.

Indian child prodigy prophet

In fact, in addition to the Martian boy, there is also a boy in India. Although he is not as famous as the Martian boy and is not a descendant of Martians, his prediction once shocked the scientific community. This little Indian boy named Anand was born in 2006 and is only 14 years old now. The reason why Anand is popular all over the world is that he released a video in August 2019.

At that time, his video did not attract much attention, and even many people thought it was just children’s nonsense. Through this video, Anand predicted the disasters in the world from 2019 to April 2020. Until 2020, when an epidemic began to ravage the world, his video was re turned out by human beings, with a click rate of more than 10 million, and Anand became the second “Mars boy”.

Anand’s prophecy

Many people are curious about Anand’s prediction. How does the 14-year-old boy predict the future of the earth? In fact, Anand’s inference is based on Vedic astrology. This is also a kind of astrology handed down from ancient India. In India, Vedic astrology has become the most profound knowledge, and Anand’s words have been sought after by many people. After the explosion of this video, he released another video in April of this year, predicting the earth from 2020 to 2021. He predicted that there will be more serious viruses on the earth in the future. In December, the combination of Jupiter and Saturn will bring great changes to the earth.

Anand’s words have attracted many people’s attention on the Internet, and also gained a large number of fans, but there are also many people who are not satisfied with Anand’s words. These rational netizens believe that the prophecy is an illusory thing, now the earth’s environment is deteriorating, these prophecies are just blind cat meets dead mouse. There are many predictions, in fact, based on the development situation of the earth and made inferences.

In fact, many scientists have made many predictions about the earth, but these predictions are based on science, not illusory theories. Of course, since everything can exist, it means that it has certain rationality. Anand’s Vedic astrology has been used for thousands of years, and we can’t deny it completely because we don’t understand it. What do you think?

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