Is it a coincidence that Hawking died on Einstein’s birthday?

Stephen Hawking, a famous physicist, died at the age of 76. The circle of friends, as well as the major media platforms, have exploded.

When many people heard of Hawking’s name, they believed that he might be in middle school or even primary school. When Xiao Bian first heard the name, the teacher told us that he was an example of all human beings. In 21’s, he was diagnosed as muscular atrophy by the doctor, and even the doctor said that he had only two years left. When Hawking learned the news, he didn’t recover. He fought against fate positively and optimistically, and devoted himself to the field of science. He not only broke the “two-year curse” from illness, but also became the most outstanding scientist after Newton and Einstein.

In fact, when it comes to Hawking, many people may think of “outstanding”, “great” and “genius” first, but some people may think of “rumor” first. In fact, not all of Hawking’s predictions are rumored, just as we didn’t expect that e-wallet would be so popular three years ago, just as we didn’t expect that there would be smart phones 10 years ago. Maybe some people don’t know all of Hawking’s predictions. Today, I’d like to sort out what astonishing predictions Hawking made.

Prophecy 1: man is destroying himself.

In fact, many people may scoff at Hawking’s prediction. At present, the artificial intelligence is more and more developed, and the artificial intelligence robots represented by AI system are constantly shining in people’s realization. In Hawking’s eyes, this is indeed human self destruction. Hawking once said: “the thorough development of artificial intelligence may lead to the extinction of mankind.”. In the face of more and more high-end AI, where should we go?

Prediction 2: in 2032, the earth will enter the ice age and the global climate will be warming

Of all the predictions, this one is the one that makes Xiaobian feel the most dangerous. This year is 2018, only 14 years away from 2032. If Hawking’s prediction of the ice age is false, it’s OK. But if this prediction is true, I’m afraid we will all experience it together. And accept Hawking’s advice: explore space, escape from the earth, and even, as Hawking predicted next, “in 2100, human beings will enter outer space, and new species will appear. The earth will face catastrophic destruction in 2215. In 2600, the earth became a blazing “fireball.”

Language 3: about the dark side of the moon

Hawking always believed in the existence of extraterrestrial life, and even said that “aliens” were looking at you. Hawking even warned people not to explore the dark side of the moon, which will always be a place that human beings cannot explore. So many people have this question: what is the dark side of the moon?

In fact, many people may think that Hawking’s predictions are exaggerated. In fact, from Hawking’s predictions or gambling in the past, the possibility is not high. For example, in the history of science, there have been four world-famous bets around black holes, in which Hawking participated in three bets, and Hawking lost all bets. The first bet was in 1975 on whether Cygnus X-1 contained a black hole. The second bet was in 1991 on the existence of a naked singularity. The third bet was in 1997 on whether black holes would destroy all the information they devour.

Some people may see Hawking’s failure, but in fact, it is not. After all, Hawking is the greatest scientist after Newton and Einstein, and this title is definitely not in vain. And from the point of view of man’s unrestrained destruction of nature, perhaps his prediction is true. Perhaps Hawking’s death is not enough to make you feel surprised, but the next thing, you may really think.

Hawking was born on January 8, 1942, the day Galileo died 300 years ago.

Einstein was born on March 14, 1879, and Hawking died 139 years later.

So one day in the future, on March 14, will an equally great scientist be born? Are these just coincidences? Or do scientists believe that theology really exists in their later years? Maybe it’s true as netizens say: he just flew to the stars.

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