Is it a good thing or a bad thing that China’s celestial eye is so powerful that there will be no place for alien civilization to hide?

With the help of science and technology, mankind walked out of the earth and saw the vast universe. At this time, a great exploration project began, that is to explore extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization. I believe that any friend who sees the vast universe will not believe that there is only one living planet in the universe, the earth, and only one intelligent civilization, human beings.

There must be other life and alien civilization in the vast universe, and scientists also believe that. Although the plan of searching for extraterrestrial life and civilization was initiated when mankind stepped out of the earth, half a century later, we still have nothing to find, let alone extraterrestrial civilization.

Science doesn’t believe that there is no extraterrestrial life and civilization in the universe. The reason why we can’t find it may be that our science and technology are still very backward, or the way to explore and find it is wrong. At this time, some scientists put forward to explore the mysterious signals from alien civilizations that may exist in the universe.

You know, in addition to celestial bodies, there are many radio waves that we can’t see with the naked eye in the vast universe. Most of these radio signals come from celestial bodies like neutron stars and pulsars, and some may come from alien civilizations.

Wireless electromagnetic signal is also a sign of civilization’s growing strength. As long as this civilization enters the era of scientific and technological development, or has entered the interstellar age, the civilization naturally cannot do without the technology and application of wireless communication. The distance of the universe is measured in light years. If there is no advanced communication technology, there will be no direction for the spacecraft to fly in the universe. And the interstellar civilization can shuttle between the various interstellar, which shows that they have very advanced and powerful communication technology.

If we want to explore and find the possible signals of alien civilization in the universe, we need to use a powerful instrument, which is the radio telescope. When it comes to radio telescopes, many people may think of the Chinese sky eye.

China’s Tianyan is a very large project. It took 22 years from its conception to its official completion and use. Although it takes a long time, it is undoubtedly the most powerful radio telescope in the world, with an aperture of 500 meters. The larger the aperture is, the farther the receiving range is and the higher the sensitivity is.

As soon as China’s sky eye was in operation, it discovered as many as 57 pulsars, most of which were newly discovered. This shows how powerful it is. Last year, China’s Tianyan was upgraded again, adding new technology. The upgraded sky eye extends to 13.7 billion light-years, basically reaching the edge of the universe that can be observed by human beings. If there is a signal from an alien civilization in such a wide range, I believe it will also avoid the detection and search of the sky eye. There may be no place for alien civilization to hide.

No one doubts the power of China’s heavenly eye. Countries all over the world will also hand over their explorations to China’s heavenly eye. It may become the first hero to discover the existence of alien civilization in the future. When it comes to discovering the existence of alien civilization, many people think of Hawking’s warning. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Hawking, a famous physicist, has issued a warning for human exploration of extraterrestrial civilization more than once. Hawking also firmly believes in the existence of extraterrestrial civilization. However, Hawking is worried about extraterrestrial civilization. He thinks that extraterrestrial civilization is the same intelligent life as human beings. Since it is intelligent life, there must be seven emotions and six desires, as well as good and evil.

If human beings encounter a friendly alien civilization, it may bring great help to human civilization. We should know that a civilization that can come to the solar system must be much stronger than human beings. At least such a civilization has mastered the technology of gravity and sub light speed flight. Otherwise, it is impossible to come to the solar system over a long distance of light years.

If we come to the earth over thousands of light-years, such a civilization may have mastered the technology of superluminal flight, which is even more powerful than we can imagine. Imagine that once such a civilization is willing to contact with human beings and help us, human civilization will soon be able to go out of the solar system and explore more distant stars.

This may also be a reason for human beings to explore and seek alien civilization. According to the normal development speed of human science and technology, it may take at least hundreds of years for gravity technology to master sub light speed flight technology, and it is unknown how long it will take for light speed technology and super light speed flight technology to achieve it. However, if we can get in touch with the alien civilization that has been developing interstellar, and get their help and technology, it will develop rapidly. It may take only a few years for us to do things that take thousands of years.

Of course, the above is for the better. But if the alien civilization, as Hawking conjectured, is a civilization with malice. Then the human condition is not good. When malicious alien civilizations come to the earth, they must be preparing to colonize and invade the earth. However, the technology and powerful weapons that human beings are proud of now are nothing in front of powerful alien civilizations. We will have no power to fight back. The earth may become a colony of alien civilizations.

If the earth’s environment is in line with the survival of alien civilization, such as the need to breathe oxygen, then human civilization may be preserved. But if the environment of alien civilization is different from that of human beings, for example, they breathe other gases, then it is possible that alien civilization will completely change the earth’s atmosphere and make it adapt to the survival of alien civilization.

Once the earth’s atmosphere changes, the alien civilization can survive, but for human civilization, it will be a disaster. The survival of alien civilization does not need oxygen, but human needs it. But the alien civilization changes the composition of the atmosphere, and oxygen is greatly reduced or disappeared. Most of the living creatures on the earth relying on oxygen will be extinct, and human beings will not be spared.

Thus, Hawking’s worry about alien civilization is not unreasonable. However, although there are many unknowns, it can’t change human’s exploration and search for alien civilization. It’s just relying on this spirit of exploration that human can develop rapidly to the present. I believe that human’s luck will be very good. It’s possible that when human discover alien civilization, we are already very strong, and alien civilization is not as strong as us, so the outcome may be completely different .

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