Is it a mermaid or an undersea man?

In 1962, a Soviet freighter went out on a mission. The freighter carried nuclear missiles, so the freighter received high attention from the government. But it happened to be on this freighter. When it arrived at the sea near Cuba, the freighter sank unexpectedly.

The Soviet government immediately sent scientists and military experts to investigate, trying to find the sunken freighter and retrieve or properly dispose of the nuclear missile.

The underwater environment is complex. When we don’t know what’s going on under the water, we dare not let divers or submarines dive in easily, so we take the lead in using underwater cameras to scan the seabed.

Strange things happen at this time, a strange creature that has never seen suddenly breaks into the camera. It is like a swimming fish with breathing gills on its head and reflective scales on its body; but it is like a diving child with human upper body and five black eyes staring at the camera like a curious baby.

The scientists and military experts on the survey ship were all stunned, but none of them had ever seen such a strange creature.

Then they put a special sink to catch benthic creatures into the water and put food in the sink. The strange creature entered the tank just downstream of the camera’s insight. When the scientists closed the tank, the creature gave off bursts of dolphin like moans.

When people drag the monster to the shore, people can clearly see that it is a “Mermaid baby” about 0.6 meters long, with scales on its whole body and a bone crown on its head. It looks at the people around in surprise. Many scientists say that this is the legendary underwater man, while others say that it is more like a mermaid. However, there seems to be no answer to what it is.

This story was revealed by a “Dr. vigred” on the ship at that time, but because the news had been blocked, no one knew whether it was true or not.

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