Is it a mirage or a distortion of time and space that 2000 people see in ancient times? Scientists give the answer

When talking about mirage, the first thing you think of is the natural wonder. Although no one has seen it in reality, you can learn it from the Internet. People call it “natural wonder”, and many researches on mirage have been produced. Now for mirage this natural phenomenon explanation, most should be which kind of refraction principle, but speaking of mirage, is it really formed by refraction? In fact, it’s not just Xiaobian. In reality, many people are not sure. Just like the 1945 Aegean mirage Xiaobian will introduce to you today, there are nearly 2400.

The reason why mirage is unique is that it is an ancient scene. It is precisely because of this incident that many people question: is mirage formed by the distortion of time and space? Even if many people think so, there is still no most accurate answer in real life, which makes mirage an unsolved mystery.

It is also because the mirage scene is very difficult to understand. People can’t figure out the principle of mirage formation and the exact origin of the place it reflects. Therefore, there are many enthusiasts, and even some people call it the “Hunter” of mirage.

The reason for this is that these people are not only interested in mirage, but also interested in the origin of the place it reflects. They want to find out where it comes from. Maybe it’s also because people in this era have very advanced technology, so many people think that the scene reflected by mirage comes from parallel world or parallel world Through time and space, but we don’t know what it is.

Just like the mirage in those years, it was disturbing for a long time. In addition to the mirage in the Aegean in 1945, which did not give the most accurate answer, there was another kind of mirage called the ghost snow tsunami.

The reason why this kind of illusion makes people feel strange or difficult to understand is that in this kind of illusion, the snow scene that people see is like a tsunami, which does not exist in real life at all. From an indirect point of view, it is more certain that the scene reflected by this kind of illusion should not be the scene in our real life, but the most accurate answer should be the one from other spaces That’s another way of saying it.

Either way, even in today’s technology era, which we think is very developed, this problem is still an unsolved mystery. However, I believe that the only way to solve the mystery of the illusion is to wait until the future when our technology is more developed. After all, in this era, although technology has developed to a very high level, it is still unable to solve many problems in our life. Please believe that in the future, we are most confident to get such an answer. What we have to do now is to wait.

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