Is it because the universe is too big that human beings can’t find alien civilization? You don’t think of the answer

With the help of science and technology, when human beings walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, a new topic will appear, which is the existence of alien civilization? Only when we stand in space can we know how lonely human beings are, because in the vast space, what we see is darkness and cold, without any trace of extraterrestrial life.

Although we don’t see any extraterrestrial life and civilization in the field of vision of human observation, when we really understand the vastness of the universe, basically everyone believes that extraterrestrial civilization exists. In the existing cosmological system, there is no special place in the universe. The physical laws of the earth and the celestial laws of the solar system are applicable to every corner of the universe.

In large scale, the universe is the same everywhere. For the observers at different positions in the universe, the observed physical quantities and physical laws are exactly the same, and no one is special. In 1995, the Hubble telescope made ten consecutive days of exposure in one direction of the universe. In human vision, this direction is dark, a void, without galaxies.

But when the Hubble telescope completed ten days of continuous exposure, the results shocked the entire astronomical community. It turns out that in such a small area, more than 3000 galaxies were observed in 10 days of exposure. Each bright spot in the picture is a large galaxy like the Milky way. Through this small area of major discoveries, let scientists understand one thing, that is, there are many galaxies in the universe.

There are 150-400 billion stars in the Milky Way alone, and there are countless planets. In other words, there are absolutely many cases similar to the solar system, or even the earth. Even if the concept of the birth of life is extremely low, but standing under the large scale of the universe, the universe can not only have the earth as a living planet, only the human as an intelligent civilization.

According to cosmological principles, man is not a special existence in the universe, and the earth is not a special planet. And human beings will not be the most civilized intelligent creatures in the universe. At most, we can only be regarded as a medium level civilization. On top of human beings, there are more powerful interstellar civilizations and even divine civilizations.

Now the question is, if there are alien civilizations in the universe, and the degree of civilization may be much higher than that of human beings, why can’t we find them? Or why didn’t alien civilizations come into contact with us in the solar system? These problems are actually the famous Fermi paradox. In Fermi’s paradox, scientists think that since there are many more powerful interstellar civilizations or divine civilizations in the universe than human beings, why don’t they contact with human beings?

Is it because the universe is too big that human beings can’t find alien civilization? In fact, it depends on how we analyze it. From the perspective of cosmic scale, the universe is absolutely too big for us to imagine. The observable cosmic range of human beings has reached 93 billion light-years, but this range may only be the tip of the iceberg of the vast universe.

For human beings, light year is an insurmountable gap, and the speed of light is a limit speed. If you fly at the speed of light and want to explore the whole galaxy and the whole universe, it is impossible, because the speed of light is only a tortoise speed in front of the cosmic scale. In this way, human beings can not find alien civilization, mainly because the universe is too big for us to explore everywhere.

The above answer seems to be correct. In fact, we think it over carefully, but it seems to be wrong. It is the conjecture in Fermi’s paradox that human beings are unable to go out to find alien civilization because the universe is too big. But for a powerful civilization that has been able to carry out interstellar navigation, the distance between the universe may not be much, so why did such a powerful interstellar civilization not come to the solar system and the earth to contact with human beings?

Is the strength of alien civilization in the universe similar to that of human beings, or even inferior to that of human beings? It’s impossible to think about such a thing. It’s 13.8 billion years since the birth of the universe. Even if a civilization only developed tens of millions of years earlier than human beings, it will be a huge gap in strength. Tens of millions of years is just a tiny time in front of the age of the universe.

Therefore, the big probability in the universe is that there are some super civilizations far beyond our imagination. In the eyes of these super civilizations, the universe may already be their back garden, and they can reach wherever they want. If so, why don’t you come to the solar system and get in touch with people? In fact, the main reason is human problems.

In the eyes of human beings, alien civilization is mysterious and powerful, but in the eyes of super civilization, the number of cosmic civilization is as large as a cow’s hair, which can’t be counted. Which vast number of intelligent civilizations and super civilizations will go to explore and exchange one by one? The answer is No. There is a natural hierarchy rule in the probability of the universe. In general, high-level civilizations will not contact and communicate with low-level civilizations. They will only communicate with the same or higher level civilizations.

If a super civilization is willing to go to a low-level civilization planet to contact and exchange with those primitive aborigines, it is most likely that the low-level civilization planet has the resources that high-level civilizations are very keen on, or the intelligent life of these low-level civilizations is relatively special and is a rare life in the universe. Life itself is a miracle of the universe.

The life forms in the universe must be various, so the life itself is also the biggest mystery of the universe. Even the powerful advanced civilization, they may not be able to fully reveal the mystery of life. By exploring the mysteries of life, we may be able to make life evolve and finally achieve the expectation of immortality.

I believe that for a high-level civilization, the continuous evolution of life is very attractive. Some intelligent life may have a very low level of civilization, but they themselves may be the miracle of life, and the body contains the mystery of eternal life. Just imagine, if a super civilization finds that the intelligent life of a lower civilization contains the mystery of the ultimate life of the universe, it will not let it go for research and exploration.

So what is there in human beings that attracts the attention of advanced civilization? If you think about it carefully, you will find that human beings really have nothing special to be proud of. First of all, the earth has no special resources. The level of human civilization is very low, and it is far from becoming an interstellar civilization. Moreover, there is nothing special about human beings. Even in the biological world of the earth, human beings are not as good as many animals in other aspects besides intelligent brain. For example, humans can be infected with a variety of viruses, thus endangering lives, but many animals are basically not infected with viruses.

It can be seen that from the perspective of the universe, human beings are unable to find alien civilizations because the universe is too big and the speed of human spaceships is too slow. Naturally, they are not able to go to various interstellar explorations. However, from the perspective of civilization, we can’t find the reason for alien civilization, that is, the advanced civilization in the universe can’t see the earth, can’t see human beings, and will not come to the earth to contact us.

The only way we want to change this fate is to work hard to develop technology. When we become an interstellar civilization and can cross all galaxies, there will be a variety of civilizations to contact us. Now we should develop well, develop science and technology quickly, and strive to become a powerful interstellar civilization as soon as possible.

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