Is it difficult for human beings to solve the mystery of the origin of the universe because of the concept or defects of the big bang?

Since the exploration of the universe, human beings have been thinking about a question: what is the origin of the universe? Where does the universe come from? According to modern science, the universe was born 13.7 billion years ago by a singularity explosion. However, some scientists believe that the concept of the beginning of the universe may be flawed. Our understanding of the mysterious universe is very limited. The universe does exist, but it does not mean that we have to confirm the concept of the beginning of the universe.

After the big bang, the universe has been in the process of continuous expansion. Scientists agree that the universe is expanding, and it is not difficult to find evidence. Through long-term observation, scientists found that the galaxy observed by astronomical telescopes in the past, after a period of time, the same equipment will find that the galaxy is not as clear as before, which shows that this is the case Galaxies are moving away from us, which is a good explanation for the expansion of the universe.

Although we know that there is a singularity explosion in the universe, and the universe has been expanding, we do not know where the singularity comes from? What else happened before? What caused the big bang? As Carroll admits, this singularity and its accompanying “explosion” are essentially unknown to us at present. Recently, he told a reporter from science magazine that we still don’t understand how the universe came into being. At the same time, we may never understand it. At least the current observation method can’t be realized.

For the mystery of the origin of the universe, besides the theory of singularity and big bang, there are super bubble theory, cyclic expansion theory and so on. We also believe that the universe is generated by black hole singularities, and we are included in the black hole horizon. These theories sound very cool, but none of them has any evidence to prove. Strictly speaking, these theories are useless, just a conjecture,

The universe is vast. The information we can get from the universe is very limited, and the knowledge we know is also limited. We may not even know the secrets of the universe. These unknown mysteries may be revealed one by one in the future.

Xiaobian also has his own views on the origin of the universe. Scientists attribute the origin of the universe to nature. Is it possible that the universe was created by super civilization? Modern science has put forward the concept of multiverse. It holds that the universe is not single, but composed of many universes. Our universe is only one of them.

If the multiverse is real, then the ages of all universes must be different. Our universe was born 13.7 billion years ago, and other universes are younger and older than this. If there is a universe that has existed for several hundred trillion years, then the civilization in this ancient universe is God like existence for us. The advanced civilization in this ancient universe may have developed for millions of years, and their civilization and technology are far beyond our imagination.

For such an ancient super civilization, it may not be impossible for them to create a universe by means of science and technology. Perhaps our universe is this ancient civilization. It puts a concentrated singularity into the chaotic space outside the universe, and then the singularity explodes and evolves into our universe. For this ancient super civilization, it may be just a miracle Experiment is an experiment used to observe the continuous evolution of the universe, life and civilization.

Human science and technology have only developed for hundreds of years. If human beings develop for hundreds of millions of years, tens of billions of years, or even trillions of years, the science and technology of human civilization may also develop into a super civilization. At that time, human civilization will become the top civilization in the universe. Will it also have the ability to create the universe? When science and technology develop to a certain extent, it is actually equivalent to the God of creation. It is entirely possible to create a universe by means of science and technology. What do you think? Do you think human beings will be able to create the universe in trillions of years?

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