Is it feasible for us to build a base on the moon with the “Artemis Project” released by NASA?

Nowadays, the situation of Mars exploration in various countries is becoming more and more intense, and Mars has become the top priority of human exploration. But in fact, in the early days of human exploration of the universe, Mars was not the first choice. At that time, human beings had an inexplicable desire for the moon. In 1969, human beings landed on the moon for the first time, and we really saw the true face of the moon. Now, decades later, human beings have no longer mentioned the exploration of the moon, and it seems that he has been forgotten by us.

Why don’t humans explore the moon anymore?

During the years when the United States and the Soviet Union fought for hegemony, they transported several astronauts into space. It can be said that these two countries have laid a good foundation for human exploration of the universe and accumulated valuable experience for modern human exploration. But since the first human landing on the moon, there has been no following. For such a situation, many people are constantly debating. Some people think that there may be alien life on the moon, which was encountered by astronauts when they landed on the moon. They’ve destroyed the habitation of alien life, they’ve been warned by aliens, so we don’t explore the moon anymore.

Of course, this is just a discussion. Now, decades have passed. We have no idea what astronauts have seen on the moon. But we must admit that the environment on the moon is also very bad. Even if today’s technology level has been very advanced, we dare not easily land on the moon again.



What a pity

Project Mies

But last year, the United States claimed to build a lunar base, which is the Artemis Project. As the United States is still in the forefront of space technology, many countries have joined the program. They plan to build a base on the moon within 10 years, and astronauts will do more exploration on the moon. This means that they should not only have excellent strength, but also have excellent psychological quality. The vision of this plan is very good, but it is not enough for the United States to really realize it. Exploring the moon should be the common goal of all mankind. If we only rely on the United States, there are still many difficulties to realize this vision.

China’s aerospace level

In recent years, China’s aerospace technology has also made great progress. The smooth launch of astronomy-1 represents a new milestone in China’s aerospace industry, which also makes China firmly rank among the world’s aerospace powers. Compared with decades ago, now we have a closer plan for exploring the universe. What we need to do now is to use economic space technology to deal with various emergencies on the moon.

Many people still remain skeptical after seeing NASA’s plan. They think that although the desire to build a base on the moon is beautiful, there are many variables in its implementation. The moon is not the same as Venus. We don’t know what exists on the moon. Do you think NASA’s plan is feasible?

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