Is it good or bad for a creature that has been sleeping for 42000 years to be “awakened” by human beings?

Is it good or bad for a creature that has been sleeping for 42000 years to be “awakened” by human beings?

Human beings are the most advanced animals on the earth. One has to eat and drink Lhasa every day, do meaningful things during the day, and rest at night to supplement more energy. Almost everyone has had dreams. In fact, dreams have deep meanings. There are many kinds of dreams, including beautiful dreams and nightmares. If you often miss someone, you will meet her in the dream, and you don’t want to wake up at all. Sometimes I have some strange mental pressure at night. Sometimes I only sleep for a few minutes, but I feel like I sleep for a few hours, which is very long.

The importance of sleep to every creature

Sleep is a skill that every creature has. If a creature does not sleep for a long time, its body function will inevitably be damaged. Sleep helps to restore energy. Scientists have discovered that the origin and distribution of permafrost in recent years are also affected by the rapid melting of permafrost. Is it good or bad for a creature that has been sleeping for 42000 years to be “awakened” by human beings?

A scientist once discovered a magical worm in Siberian permafrost. It has a history of 42000 years. It has been buried in permafrost for a long time. Now it has been sleeping for 42000 years. Many scientists are worried about whether it will carry all kinds of viruses and bacteria? When scientists found it, the cells in the body were not affected at all. An organism has the ability to hibernate, can not eat for a long time, and can not sleep so long.

Scientists discover giant virus again

Later, scientists found that it has the ability to preserve itself in low temperature, and it can also be revived. Many people feel that it’s incredible that it’s a big phenomenon that goes against the laws of nature, but this worm can be realized, which refreshes human’s previous cognition. In these thawed permafrost, a virologist also found the third giant virus in the world. Fortunately, this virus does not do much harm to human body. It is called Siberian wide mouth jar virus. It does not have any infectivity and lethality.

It is not a good thing that this virus, which has been silent for a long time, has been revived again and has sounded an alarm for mankind. Maybe it will have a tremendous impact on the future of human beings. Seeing this worm sleeping for 42000 years, many people think that seeing the new way of living of creatures is not like real, but more like appearing from science fiction movies. Maybe human beings can develop a freezing technology in the future, which can completely freeze a person’s body in a low temperature area. After decades of thawing, there is still the possibility of resurrection, which is also a beautiful illusion of scientists.

Everyone’s life span is limited. If we can come back from the dead, the world will change. It’s a big breakthrough to find this sleeping creature. At the same time, human beings should also pay attention to their own behavior. In fact, its appearance has sounded an alarm for human beings once again. If it had not been for global warming, there would not have been so many anomalies. How do you feel about that? You can leave a message for interaction.

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