Is it good or bad for a large organ that has disappeared for many years to reappear?

Is it good or bad for a large organ that has disappeared for many years to reappear?

Lamarck, a famous biologist, once put forward the idea of “advance, discard and retreat”. This idea applies to both nature and human beings. In the long process of human evolution, the organs of human body have become more and more complete. Many organs have become very powerful due to frequent use, and some organs that can not be used are gradually degenerating and eventually disappearing.

Nature has always followed the rule of survival of the fittest, the strong is always more beautiful than the weak, and so are the organs of human body. For example, people’s facial features, from eyes to mouth, are used all the time. Without eyes, people can’t see light, and they can’t eat without mouth. These organs are possessed by everyone. Is it good or bad for a large organ that has disappeared for many years to reappear?

A large organ that suddenly appears in the body

In the process of evolution, many degenerated organs are judged to be inferior and can only disappear in the end. Many people feel sad for these organs. In fact, it is completely understandable, which is consistent with the deduction of evolution. According to the truth, the disappeared organs in the human body will not appear again. However, scientists have found in the latest research that a large organ in the human body appears again. What is it? After understanding, we know that this is fabeigu. Many people have no idea about fabeigu.

It is mainly located in the kneecap of mammals. Many primates have it, such as orangutans and monkeys. They are highly similar to all human beings. They all have Fabry bone, but the function of this organ is relatively small, and it has gradually degenerated over a long period of time, so human beings completely abandoned Fabry bone. In the 19th century, 11% of the people had faberi bone again. Until 2019, scientists found something wrong again. Now 40% of the people have faberi bone. If this continues, almost everyone will have this big organ again. Is it good or bad for it to appear?

Why does faberi bone appear? Is it good or bad?

Many people have a lot of imagination about faberi bone. Some people think that its appearance may not be a good thing. Others think that it is related to human sports. Many people like running, fitness and so on. Long term sports promote the appearance of faberi bone. It can enhance joint strength, avoid a lot of friction and protect human knees to a great extent. The appearance of faberi bone fully fits this situation Development trend. Everyone has different views on faberi bone. So far, faberi bone has no rejection reaction, and it has no great influence on human body. It can be seen that faberi bone has no harm to human body. Maybe its reappearance is to protect human body.

Many people in the process of exercise, inevitably muscle strain, a variety of small rub, fabeigu can play a protective role. In fact, we don’t need to be too nervous. Due to the lack of human activities, the function of faberi bone is quite small. As time goes by, it disappears. Now it reappears again. There must be a reason for it. Do you think there are any other reasons for the appearance of the long lost Faber bone? You can leave a message for interaction.

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