Is it necessary for China to build a power station on the moon? Foreign media: crazy!

Building power stations on the moon? Can China realize it? Foreign media evaluation: crazy!

With the rapid increase of population and the continuous development of science, our demand for energy is changing more and more greatly. However, the current situation of the earth does not allow human beings to carry out large-scale development again. If these resources are exhausted, human beings can only eat the mountain sky on the earth. In order to improve this situation, we have developed some new energy sources, such as solar energy and wind energy, to replace these non renewable energy sources.

In fact, the emergence of these new types of energy does alleviate the shortage of resources, but the effect is not significant. Some time ago, China put forward a new plan, hoping to improve this situation through the emergence of this plan. For the proposal of this sentence, the evaluation of foreign media has only two words, that is crazy. In the last century, before the United States successfully sent astronauts to the moon, we thought that this was a plan that could not be completed by human beings. However, the United States did, and then many countries successfully sent astronauts to space. There have been more new discoveries in the study of the moon and our country, and also started plans for lunar exploration.

China’s lunar exploration program

Different from the previous astronauts landing on the moon, this time our country launched the exploration of the moon in the hope that we can make use of the resources on the moon, rather than just landing on the moon. In 2019, AVIC science and technology group proposed to establish an Earth Moon Space Economic Zone on the moon in the mid-20th century. What is its main role? What benefits will it bring to our country?

The function of establishing the Earth Moon space economic zone

The Earth Moon space economic zone is composed of three systems. Its total output value can reach more than 10 trillion US dollars every year. It has a high return and low-cost space transportation system, which makes the development of the moon more convenient. After the plan is put forward in 2019, there are only two words in the German media. Before the establishment of the earth space economic zone, however, the first plan to be completed is the solar power generation project. The completion of this project is to use the successfully launched satellites in the field of space to gather the solar energy in space, and then launch it to the ground. The moon is equivalent to a transit station for power generation.

The role of lunar power station

Many people have raised the question, on earth we can already use the energy of sunlight, why do we have to work so hard to build power stations on the moon? Is it necessary to carry out this high cost plan? There is a thick atmosphere on the surface of the earth. The sunlight we receive is filtered by the atmosphere. However, if there is no atmosphere on the moon, we will receive more solar radiation. Building power stations here will collect solar energy more effectively and get more feedback.

After the power station is built, a giant reflector will be put into the orbit of the earth. In this way, more sunlight will be reflected on the earth, and we can get more sunlight. In this way, more electricity will be saved. What’s your opinion?

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