Is it not a dream to delete brain memory with drugs? But the human system may not allow us to do that

Everyone has memories, but not all memories are good. Because many people have unpleasant memories, they want to erase them and try to make their life better.

According to the research of American medical experts, there is a kind of medicine that can successfully eliminate the memory of the brain. It is said that this kind of medicine can successfully eliminate the painful memory of the brain, and even bring people back to life. However, the technology is still in the experimental stage and has not really been used in humans. Now we can only manipulate the brain neurons of mice to eliminate part of the memory. Although the experiment on mice has achieved great success, in fact, such experiments are far from enough.

Because the human body system is far more complex than the mouse system, and there is a big difference between the two. Memory faded, it sounds very mysterious and mysterious, people can’t help but imagine. At this time, many science fiction films can satisfy our imagination. But in fact, scientists have already developed many ways to remove memories. If they can be used to remove some unpleasant memories, it will greatly improve the quality of human life. In addition, memory division can also provide some help for medical treatment.

Mouse test

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University did this experiment on mice. At first, when mice were found to have special cells, they secreted a lot of painful proteins, which made them panic. But after a while, the protein disappears. Studies have shown that under the action of “GluA1” protein, these proteins will disappear, so “GluA1” protein is the key to this problem.

People have a special pain storage protein, which is located in a certain part of the human brain. This protein is prone to many unstable changes, so it can be removed by drugs. Researchers have experimented with mice, and the results show that the effect is more significant, which is a blessing for some people.

Can we delete people’s memory

Scientific research shows that the drug also has a certain effect on people, can make many people get rid of pain. Although people always emphasize that pain is a special human emotion, a certain kind of pain is not beneficial to human beings. It’s a very sad experience like rape. For these people, this painful memory has been tormenting them all the time.

For human beings, the method of erasing memory is of special significance. But the technology is not mature enough to be used easily. For the study of memory, human knowledge is only the tip of the iceberg. So, if the technology is mature, will you buy this medicine? Welcome to comment area!

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