Is it possible for dinosaurs to evolve into chickens?

Some scientists once proposed that dinosaurs did not die out, but evolved into chickens. However, this view has been questioned by many netizens. Is it possible for dinosaurs to evolve into chickens?

Experts have done such a study: they tested the subcutaneous tissues of chickens and crocodiles, and found Sox2, zic1, GREM1, spry2 in the DNA sequences of chickens and crocodiles, The sox18 gene may be unclear. To put it simply, experts have found a gene controlling the growth of chicken feathers in the crocodile DNA sequence. In other words, crocodiles may also grow feathers.

So the scientists did another experiment. They extracted the gene related to feather growth from the chicken DNA sequence and injected the gene into the crocodile eggs. As a result, as the scientists suspected, the crocodile actually grew chicken feathers.

So could dinosaurs really evolve into chickens?

In fact, in the previous experiment, we can infer that chicken and crocodile have the same genes, maybe we can infer that they have the same ancestor. But are crocodiles dinosaurs their ancestors? Perhaps many people will instinctively think that crocodiles are the products left over from the dinosaur period. In fact, this conjecture is not wrong. Crocodiles did exist at the same time as dinosaurs, but there was no blood relationship between them. Even in ancient times, crocodiles appeared much earlier than dinosaurs.

But why do scientists have such a guess?

Scientists once detected a kind of collagen tissue in a 68 million year old Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil, and the protein in this collagen tissue is very similar to that in chickens. Therefore, scientists have also proposed the conjecture that “chickens may have evolved from dinosaurs”. After all, from the perspective of evolution, dinosaurs may have evolved feathers in order to adapt to the environment But do you have any opinions on this theory?

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